Nick: The Feature Film

This page is here for HISTORICAL PURPOSES, HOORAY FOR HISTORY.  The DVD is not for sale at the moment.  OUR APOLOGIES.

Let me tell you about Nick.

Nick is my cousin, and he’s a pretty cool guy.  So cool, in fact, that I decided to make an entire feature film about him called “Nick: The Feature Film – A Day in the Life of America’s Favorite Sweetheart.”

It stars the usual FilmCow live-action crew, as well as my good friend Robert Benfer.  Making this movie took quite a bit of time and effort… the filming itself took an ENTIRE DAY.  Can you believe that?  A whole day!  There was no script, just a basic story outline.  Nearly everything in the movie was improvised.

What is the movie about?

Two years ago the eccentric independent filmmaker Robert Benfer ran into Nick at a bowling alley and immediately became deeply obsessed with him.  That obsession has grown, and in order to learn every detail he can about Nick, Robert has decided to follow him around with a camera crew and fully document an average day in his life.  Things seem to be going well until Nick’s “best friend” Chris shows up…

What’s included on the DVD?

The movie itself is around 75 minutes long, and the DVD includes a 20 minute behind-the-scenes video, outtakes, deleted scenes, and two commentary tracks (one about the movie, and the other about the history of FilmCow’s live-action projects.)

How much does the DVD cost?

The cost of the DVD is $6 plus shipping.  I’m using Kunaki to sell this, so basic shipping is $4.30.  Which means that Nick: The Feature Film can be yours for a little over 10 bucks.  Every sale helps fund future FilmCow cartoons and live-action projects, so order today!  Or tomorrow.  Or next week sometime.

Where can I buy this movie?

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A note to PayPal customers… due to weirdness in how Kunaki handles PayPal orders, you might not get a confirmation e-mail, but don’t worry, your order went through.  If you’re worried about it contact me directly and I can verify your order.

What format is the DVD?

The DVD is region-free NTSC, and ships worldwide.  For non-US customers, please make sure your DVD player can play NTSC discs before ordering (the majority of them can, as can all computer or laptop DVD players as well as the Xbox 360 and PS3.)

Is there a trailer?