ROFLCon and other news…

Posted by Jason Steele | Thursday 6 May 2010 2:42 pm

Sorry for not posting this sooner, but my air conditioner is broken and it’s 90º in my house.  So naturally I haven’t been doing much these last few days besides plotting the death of the sun.

ROFLCon was very interesting and also very weird.  One of the highlights for me was meeting Rob Cockerham of, a site I’ve been reading since the late 90s.  Rob was incredibly cool and it was very surreal to meet him in person after having followed his internet shenanigans since high school.  I briefly shook hands with Neil Cicierega of Lemon Demon (and countless other projects), who is almost certainly the most talented guy doing web content right now.  I also hung out with Dan Walsh of Garfield Minus Garfield fame, who was awesome and I highly recommend following his Tumblr.  I also had the incredible fortune of hanging out with Joel Veitch of, who’s been making awesome internet stuff since before awesome internet stuff existed.  I also got to hang out with Ed Snow who does music for the Rathergood videos, and Ed Robinson and Matt Smith of the incredible Viral Factory, which has made so many great viral ads over the last decade.

There were dozens of other hilarious people I met at the conference (Charlie Schmidt is the King of the Internet) and there were some pretty interesting panels held, so it was a good time overall.  The video for the panels, including the one I was on, will hopefully be online in the next week or so.

Anyway, it’s very hot right now so work is progressing slowly for the next FilmCow short, but I am CHUGGING ALONG.  I’ll keep you updated.  In the meantime, check out this interview I did with!