A Depressed Whale

Posted by Jason Steele | Friday 12 March 2010 7:53 pm

I’m working on a zillion projects at once right now (including Charlie 4, which I have just started,) but it’s been way too long without a FilmCow release so here’s a short little cartoon to hold you over.

“A Depressed Whale”



I’m going to try to start having a more consistent release schedule from now on, even when I’m busy with larger projects.  Cartoons like this one only take me a couple of days to complete so I should be able to at least have something for you guys on a regular basis.

“The Fracktaplots” is now out!

Posted by Jason Steele | Friday 12 March 2010 1:03 am

You can now buy my friend Robert’s feature-length sock puppet movie “The Fracktaplots.”


It is glorious.