Another update…

Posted by Jason Steele | Sunday 24 January 2010 10:41 pm

Sorry, I got sick for a week, and then my dog got sick, and then I had a bunch of other projects show up that I had to get done.  I have one scene left to edit and then “Doctor Fabulous” will be finished.  Of course it’s also the most complicated scene in the movie so don’t expect this to be released before next week.

Also, to the few of you who occasionally make fake “Jason Steele” comments pretending to be me: the comments here have to be manually approved by me before going public.  So whenever you post as “Jason Steele,” or spam, or whatever, no one ever sees it but you.  So please stop.

Doctor Fabulous progress update…

Posted by Jason Steele | Friday 15 January 2010 5:10 pm

Hey everyone, I’m still editing “Doctor Fabulous.”  I expect to release this in about a week.  Sorry for the delay, there’s just a ton of stuff I needed to do for this short.

More updates to come!

Happy New Year, you maniacs you…

Posted by Jason Steele | Saturday 2 January 2010 11:50 am

Well I’m back.  I spent the last week or so filming “The Cosmic Adventures of Doctor Fabulous”, the new live-action FilmCow short set be released around January 15th.  If you own the “FilmCow Master Collection” you probably recognize the title – it was one of the joke menus.  Well, now it’s an actual movie!  Hooray!  Death Bat 4 here we come!


Doctor Fabulous will only be a 10 minute video, but I shot more footage for this than any other movie I’ve ever made.  There is, in total, around nine hours worth of raw video.  I’m importing the tapes now – it’s going to take me all day.

To put this in perspective, “World of Dentists,” which was 20 minutes, only had four and a half hours worth of stuff shot for it.  So this movie, which is twice as short, has twice as much raw video.

If we had shot this much footage on 35mm film stock instead of HDV, the film itself would have cost us 32 thousand dollars – and processing would have been about that much as well.  Three cheers for the digital age!  Screw you celuloid!  You’re not my real mom!

I’ll keep you all updated as to my editing progress.