The FilmCow Master Collection: 200 Years of Excellence

Posted by Jason Steele | Wednesday 16 September 2009 4:32 pm

Is on sale now.

fcmc update!

Posted by Jason Steele | Tuesday 15 September 2009 3:42 pm

Some minor site updates have gone live.  You may need to refresh and / or empty your browser’s cache to see them.

First is the visual changes.  The main FilmCow banner has changed, and the “Newest Release” part of the main page has been updated so that it’ll now display characters from whatever our newest video is.  There are some other minor visual changes as well.

The Video Podcast has been updated, all of the videos there are now higher-res to look better on iPhones and iPod Touches.  They’re also now hosted with a podcast hosting service so that new releases will stop slowing down the main site (the Video Podcast took up most of the bandwidth here.)

Also, I’ve gotten rid of the Flash Video option in the Movies section.  YouTube is already Flash Video, and the quality has increased dramatically during the last year so it seems kind of redundant to have both (getting rid of it also dramatically decreases my exporting time.)  In its place is now a direct link to the iPod Video version of the movie.

So, there you go!

The FilmCow Video Podcast has been updated.

Posted by Jason Steele | Tuesday 15 September 2009 10:59 am

It’ll probably take a while to update in the iTunes store, but if you refresh your subscription you should notice it going all haywire, probably re-listing the videos you’ve already downloaded.  These are new versions of those files at a higher resolution.  If you’re playing them on your iPod you probably won’t notice any difference, but if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch it’s a lot clearer.

Please let me know if you experience any problems with this new feed, or with any of the videos.

Also, the DVD isn’t going to be released tonight, sorry.  UPS says the package containing my new test copy has been delayed, and delivery has been rescheduled until tomorrow.  So, hopefully we’ll be able to release tomorrow!

DVD and site updates…

Posted by Jason Steele | Monday 14 September 2009 5:50 pm

The release of the FilmCow Master Collection DVD should still be happening tomorrow.  There was an issue with the first test printing I got (which was my fault, and has been fixed), and the new test copy should be arriving tomorrow.  As long as everything is good with this copy the DVD will go on sale tomorrow night. will also get a small visual update when the DVD is released.  Nothing major, I just thought it was time for a little change.

Also, I’m in the process of changing the FilmCow Video Podcast.  That’s the iTunes RSS thing in the “Downloads” section that lets you subscribe to and download iPod versions of the FilmCow movies.  The videos are getting a resolution bump so that they look better on iPhones and iPod Touches, and the hosting is moving to a professional podcast hosting service.  The video podcast has been killing my site’s bandwidth this year, so moving it to its own service should free my server up for other things.

If you’re subscribed to the video podcast, you might notice some weirdness happening in the next week, and iTunes might ask you to re-download a bunch of videos.  Sorry about that if it happens, it’s hard to transition these things smoothly.

Dr. Norman Borlaug has died.

Posted by Jason Steele | Sunday 13 September 2009 9:59 am

Scientist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Norman Borlaug has died at age 95.  I find it incredibly depressing that this isn’t front-page news everywhere right now, especially after the news-mania Michael Jackson’s death caused.  Although I’m sure a lot of you don’t know who this is.

To put it simply, Dr. Normal Borlaug is credited with saving the lives of 1 billion people. That’s right, a billion. When the world was facing an epic hunger crisis in the 60s the scale of which we had never seen before, it was Dr. Borlaug’s work in agricultural science that allowed for higher-yielding, disease resistant crops to be developed and brought to struggling countries around the world.  It was because of him that food production in countries with high starvation rates quadrupled.

He is, in terms of numbers, one of the most important and influential people who ever lived.

Well, thanks Dr. Borlaug.


DVD case art and title…

Posted by Jason Steele | Monday 7 September 2009 10:23 pm

The FilmCow Master Collection: 200 Years of Excellence.


This is a mock-up I did in Photoshop, I haven’t actually gotten my review copy yet.  When I do I’ll post a picture of it for you all to see.

DVD testing complete, sending for my review copy…

Posted by Jason Steele | Monday 7 September 2009 12:26 pm

Well, testing of the DVD is complete!  I’m currently uploading the disc image to the manufacturing company, and as soon as that’s done all I have left to do is check the review copy they send me.

So, as long as nothing is wrong with the review copy we should be officially releasing on the 15th!  Hoorah!

A few more bits of information, based on questions I’ve gotten in the comments:

- The “behind the scenes” video is twelve and a half minutes.  Although only about two minutes of that is… “informative.”  The Charlie pitch is a bit under five minutes.

- The two exclusive animated shorts on the DVD are called “Hot Dogs” and “The Belly Button Fairy.”

- The DVD is going to be region-free NTSC.  Which means it’ll play on any DVD player if you live in an NTSC country (United States, Canada etc.)  If you don’t, you can play it on any computer that has a DVD drive, or your Xbox 360′s DVD player if you have a 360.  Or, of course, any NTSC-compatible DVD player.  At the moment I have no plans to make a PAL version.

- The DVD is going to be available to order online.  The company I’m selling it through takes credit-cards only.  It would be great if they accepted stuff like PayPal, but unfortunately they do not.  I’m looking into ways of integrating PayPal into the order process, but for the foreseeable future it’s going to be credit-card only.

Testing of the DVD is going well…

Posted by Jason Steele | Sunday 6 September 2009 12:11 am

A major part of the tests I wanted to do on the FilmCow DVD is now complete.  Today I checked how the DVD worked and looked on all of the DVD players I have access to, which includes my Mac, my Mac laptop, a PC laptop, a cheap DVD player, a portable DVD player, and the Xbox 360′s DVD player.  The disc worked perfectly on all of them, and the only thing I needed to fix was the coloration of some menus that looked a little funny on cheaper, high-contrast screens.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I’m planning on going through and watching every second of video and commentary to make sure there are no hidden issues or glitches I may have missed, and if all goes well I’ll be sending off for my first manufactured test copy on Monday.

So, only about a week and a half before it’s available for sale!

Work on the DVD is done!

Posted by Jason Steele | Friday 4 September 2009 6:16 pm

Well, more or less. I still have a day or two of testing and quality checking, and then I have to get a review copy manufactured and test that… but all actual material, menus and artwork has been completed, encoded and put together.

As long as nothing goes wrong in testing I should be sending for my review copy on Monday, and officially releasing it for sale within a week or so of that.

I’ll let everyone know when testing is complete!

The FilmCow DVD is almost complete!

Posted by Jason Steele | Tuesday 1 September 2009 10:31 pm

Well, the DVD is on the edge of completion, and right now I’m expecting a September 15-20 release date. There’s about a weeks worth of work left to do on it, and after that I need get a review copy manufactured and tested.

Here is a final list of everything that will be on the disc.


Llamas with Hats, Gods of Olympus, Detective Mittens: The Crime Solving Cat, John McCain and his Vegetable Friends, Ferrets, Dad Cop 2, Charlie the Unicorn, Charlie the Unicorn 2, Charlie the Unicorn 3, Charlie the Unicorn YouTube Live Promo, Charlie the Unicorn YouTube Live Video, Charlie the Unicorn Hot Topic Video (The Tomb of Horrors), Socksual Innuendoes, The Cloak, World of Dentists, Trapped in the Garage, and How to Play the Violin.

    It totals out to 75 minutes of FilmCow videos. There are a few other movies that I wanted to include, but we ran out of space and I decided that keeping the special features was probably more important than being able to watch “Mr. Happy Face” on your TV.  As for special features, here’s what the DVD includes…

    Special Features:

    Two commentary tracks for each of the videos listed above. One serious, one… quite a bit less serious.  So that’s two and a half hours worth of commentary.

    Dad Cop 2 Re-Edited: This is Dad Cop 2, only re-cut using all of the worst takes of every scene instead of the best takes.

    Two exclusive cartoons, made just for this DVD.

    Behind the Scenes: A rare glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes here at FilmCow.

    Hurricane Charley Documentary: Me and my friend Gian riding out the storm back in 2004. One of the main suggestions I got for special features was “include old material”, so here you go. This was on FilmCow a long, long time ago but it was really low quality. SO, here it is in watchable-quality for the first time! I did some slight re-edits to fix a few technical problems the old video had.

    The Charlie the Unicorn “Adult Swim” Video Pitch: This is the pitch, in its entirety, that I made to Adult Swim back in 2007 when they were interested in making a Charlie show.

    Random Audio Pitches: These are short “pitches” I did for Detective Mittens, Gods of Olympus and Space Mission Alpha (the latter of which was never actually made.) Basically, these are short sections of dialogue being delivered in-character to give an idea of what the cartoon will be like.

      And then there’s the menus, which we actually put some work into and think you’ll be amused by.  AMUSED.

      Expect an “It’s Done” update in the next week!  WOOOP WOOOP.