Dad Cop 2 fan re-make

Posted by Jason Steele | Tuesday 25 August 2009 2:03 pm

It appears our German fanbase is growing:

I think this is now my favorite FilmCow-video remake.


"Yeah they only look like. Saves material."

If you ever need to buy an accordion…

Posted by Jason Steele | Friday 21 August 2009 12:51 pm

If, by chance, you happen to be in the market for an accordion, I hearily recommend that you consider getting a used one from Liberty Bellows.

I just happened to need an accordion recently, and was lucky enough to stumble upon this great little company. They sell and rent used accordions (mostly piano-style), and best of all they have video recordings of each and every accordion being played so that you know exactly what it’s going to sound like before you buy it. Purchasing instruments online is always difficult, because you don’t get that “hands on” experience before buying that is often crucial in making a good choice. So being able to hear my accordion before I bought it was great.

Plus, accordions are ridiculously expensive, and getting a used one off eBay can be a serious gamble, especially if you’re new to the instrument. So seeing and hearing a used instrument is a good way to be sure it’s actually going to work when you receive it.

Their website is:

Soooo… if you’re one of the ten or eleven people in America shopping for an accordion, give Liberty Bellows a try!

(No I’m not being paid to promote Liberty Bellows. I recently purchased an accordion from them, the accordion was great, the seller was great, and I figure a company in the business of selling accordions probably survives largely on word of mouth. So these are my mouth words.)


Update on the DVD

Posted by Jason Steele | Monday 17 August 2009 8:05 pm

There hasn’t been anything particularly exciting to report on recently – the work I’ve been doing on the DVD has been mostly technical and boring.  But as an update: I just finished the main menu system and the majority of the encoding, and the commentary tracks and special features have been completed.  Right now I’m just finishing up the exclusive videos for the disk and then it’ll be ready for release!

By the way, for those wondering about my hand – everything seems to be back to normal now.  My doctor put me on some weird medication that made my face go numb, and then it turns out I’m allergic to that medication, and then it turns out my hand got better all by itself, so HOORAY.

In other news, my dog is asleep and dreaming of revolving doors.