Status updates!

Posted by Jason Steele | Thursday 30 April 2009 11:07 am

The Charlie cartoon I was doing for Hot Topic is finished! I’m not sure when it will be up, but it’ll eventually be on the Charlie page at (I think.)

I’m now working on “Gods of Olympus.” My cousin Chris recorded his voices for the cartoon a few weeks ago, and I’m planning on recording mine today. I hope to have this thing released in a week or two.

I’ve also officially begun migrating the “Spatula Madness feature” project files over to my new computer, and will be working on that again very soon.

My new computer HAS ARRIVED.

Posted by Jason Steele | Friday 24 April 2009 4:42 pm

My new MacPro came yesterday, and I’ve finally finished migrating all my stuff over from my old computer. My old Mac was nearing four years old so it was time for an upgrade. Actually it was time for an upgrade two years ago but computers are expensive and I’d rather spend my money on novelty mugs.

In other news, I haven’t heard back from MTV in weeks so I’m going to go ahead and call that project “dead.” Well, not totally dead – I actually created character artwork and an entire scene for the “Bino the Elephant” pilot they were interested in, so instead of throwing that all into a dark void I’m going to make a 5-minute web video out of the concept. It’s not high on my list of priorities though, so don’t expect this one before mid-summer.

Here’s what IS high on my list of priorities:

Gods of Olympus – This will most likely be my next release.

Spatula Madness – Now that I have my new computer, and now that my large project files don’t crash every 20 minutes because I’ve run out of RAM, I’m going to start working on this again. Over the next couple of weeks I should have more info time-frame wise for when this stupid thing will FINALLY BE RELEASED. (Spoiler: it’s still a long ways away.)

Oh, and for anyone who might be interested, this is the result of Llamas with Hats being shown on Attack of the Show:


I honestly didn’t expect to see any bump in hits at all, but there you go.

Llamas with Hats on AOTS

Posted by Jason Steele | Wednesday 22 April 2009 11:54 pm

“Attack of the Show” on G4TV has a segment called “Around the Net” where they show five videos from… around the net.

In yesterday’s episode one of the videos was Llamas with Hats!

I’m a big fan of the show, if you don’t watch it you should.

Llama Rap

Posted by Jason Steele | Wednesday 22 April 2009 4:10 pm

My cousin Chris was over last night, and we spent about an hour putting together the only rap song in history to use the word “lanolin.”

For your listening pleasure: The Llama Rap


Llama llama llama
Llama llama llama

I’m a South American camelid,
Here to bust a rhyme like you know a llama never did.

You say I’m for packin’, all I pack is heat.
Shootin’ down the Incas while I lay these phat beats!

My coat ain’t got no lanolin,
Makes me look all woolly and soft as I’m strollin’.

Pickin’ up some llama bitches in my Kia.
Yeah. I drive a Kia.

Llama llama llama
Llama llama llama

You just got EDUCATED.


Posted by Jason Steele | Sunday 19 April 2009 5:31 pm

Yesterday my cousin Chris invited me to come along to an open house at NASA. Here are some pictures from my journey.

Our first stop was the logistics building. Inside of this building I met some robots.

Here is the lair of one of the robots:


The robot that lives here spends all day retrieving various yellow bins. The people from NASA filled one of the bins with candy, and the robot was sent to grab some of it for us. I did not eat any of this robot candy but from what I hear it was delicious.

This is one of the robots:


Our next stop was a fancy building with lots of windows and A FORBIDDEN 5TH FLOOR and lots of cubicles.

I forgot to take any pictures here, but believe me when I say the cubicles were lovely.

Our next stop was “The Very Large NASA Building That is Very Large.”


It is difficult to describe exactly how large this building is. But to give you a proper sense of scale, each of the stars in the American flag painted on the side of the building is the size of a small planet.

This is the building where they store all that “space” we keep hearing so much about. When you listen to a news story about NASA’s newest space exploration, this is probably where it took place.

I was expecting the inside of the building to be filled with dinosaurs and ancient Roman gods, but instead it was filled with this:





This is the place they hide the Space Shuttle when the Russians walk by. We don’t want the Russians to know we have space ships.

Speaking of space ships, they had pieces of their newest vessel “Ares” available for viewing:




I’m told this stuff is very expensive and probably costs well over a thousand dollars.

This was a fun sign:


I always feel more comfortable around fallout shelters.

Our final event of the day was to see the Space Shuttle itself – two of them, actually, on their respective launch pads.





After all this we went and ate lunch at a NASA cafeteria.

I had macaroni and cheese. It was mediocre. NASA can construct space ships but they have difficulty blending cheese and noodles correctly.

I hope that congress increases NASA’s budget so that they can build more space ships and one day solve their macaroni issues.


Posted by Jason Steele | Thursday 16 April 2009 1:25 am

I was just e-mailed these pictures, which were taken by Flickr user “City the NZ Cupcake Queen.”


I like how this particular motorist went so far as to add the “nah” sound at the end of the last shun.

Speaking of Charlie the Unicorn images on Flickr, I have no idea what’s going on here:


Nor do I ever want to know.

Charlie 3 hits one million views on YouTube

Posted by Jason Steele | Monday 13 April 2009 8:44 pm

These are unicorns.

In just one week Charlie 3 has hit a million views on YouTube, and 275 thousand on Newgrounds.

I am happy to have taken up around 7 and a half million minutes of your collective time.

That’s 5,312 days worth of viewing that this cartoon has grasped from people’s lives.

14.5 years worth of time that could have been used for something else.

In this past week, people have spent a collective decade and a half watching unicorns talk in funny voices.


The Financial Advice Chocolate Bar

Posted by Jason Steele | Saturday 11 April 2009 9:02 pm

I have found the solution to all of your economic troubles.

And here it is, sung to you by a giant chocolate bar… a giant… FINANCIAL ADVICE BAR.

Financial Advice Bar.mp3



Current projects:

Posted by Jason Steele | Saturday 11 April 2009 3:27 pm

Here is my schedule for the rest of the month.

Hot Topic has asked me to make a short Charlie clip for their site, which will be shown on the Charlie-products page. This is what I’m currently working on and it should be finished in a couple of days.

Then, I have dialogue recorded for a couple of short cartoons – the first of which is called Gods of Olympus (the others are currently untitled.) If all goes according to plan you should see one or two of these new cartoons by the end of the month.

Work on the Spatula Madness feature will continue as soon as my new computer comes in, which should be in the next few weeks. My current computer is old and I’m tired of my programs crashing because I have too many spatulas on screen at once.

So many spatulas.


This is not a spatula. I do not know what this is, or how it got into my post.

The FilmCow Blog is now LIVE.

Posted by Jason Steele | Friday 10 April 2009 6:04 pm

Yes, so this is now officially linked from the FilmCow homepage.  EXCITING!

Welcome new visitors!  Have some pineapple juice and a scone!  Enjoy your stay!


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