Posted by Jason Steele | Friday 27 March 2009 1:51 pm

Years ago, when Charlie the Unicorn first started getting popular, a domain squatter grabbed “” and set it up as an advertisement page. Which means they made money every time someone decided to visit “,” thinking it was some sort of official site.

Well, after years of this crap they finally let it expire, and I was able to grab it! And now it re-directs to FilmCow. Hoorah!

One scene left…

Posted by Jason Steele | Sunday 22 March 2009 10:58 am

One scene left and Charlie the Unicorn 3 will be DONE. IN THE CAN. ON THE ROOF. IN MY SPAGHETTI.

This has taken quite a while to complete, but I think the extra work has been worth it – this is a pretty snazzy cartoon. And I know snazzy – I own a monocle.

Project updates!

Posted by Jason Steele | Friday 13 March 2009 9:06 pm

Charlie 3 is coming along great – it’s taking a long time, but I’ve finally started rendering some of the scenes and I really like how it has all turned out

I have a few other animated projects that I’ve been recording dialogue for recently, and they’ll all be out within a few weeks of the release of Charlie the Unicorn 3. They are (in no particular order:)

- Gods of Olympus

- Untitled Animal-Character Project (ha ha…)

- Lets Get Some Lunch

And there’s a fourth I’m currently in the process of writing. Lots of stuff coming your way!

Llamas with Hats… in German!

Posted by Jason Steele | Friday 6 March 2009 4:05 pm

TheTrueBlacky has made a German version of Llamas with Hats.

And it is awesome.

In other news, I have my new monitor now, and work is back on track for Charlie 3.

Goodbye monitor.

Posted by Jason Steele | Wednesday 4 March 2009 5:39 pm

My computer monitor exploded on Monday, and my replacement monitor hasn’t come in yet (I am posting this from my laptop.)  So work on Charlie the Unicorn 3 has been pushed back a couple of days.

In other news, my cousin Chris and I recorded dialogue for a new cartoon yesterday.  It’s called “Gods of Olympus” and it’ll be released soon after Charlie 3.