Time Vault: The Legomatrix

Hello people of Earth…

I’m back from my travels… so what does that mean?  It’s time to get back to work!  I have drawings to do, culture to report on in Titusville, and yes… time vaults to update.

So here we are on this wonderful Thursday with an addition to our vault.  Today we give you The Legomatrix!  If you liked the Matrix, and you enjoy playing with those colorful plastic bricks… then you will possibly like this cartoon.

I recommend getting out your favorite Lego set, and putting it together while watching this short.  For me, I watched while playing with my Space Shuttle set!


Time Vault: Bob and the Pond

Good Thursday to you all!

We have an oldie added to the time vault this evening… Bob and the Pond.  This was an animated piece Jason made for a class back in high school.  I’m sure he received an ‘A’ on the project… because nobody else could match this kind of creativity!

The message from this cartoon is simple… be nice to nature… or else!


Time Vault: The Gourd 2

Greetings and salutations!

When we made the original Gourd, we knew that we wanted to make a sequel… because we stumbled upon something magical.  So The Gourd 2 was made the year after.  The special effects were increased, the acting refreshed, and script updated… which all led to the Oscar winning video you see today.

So don’t waste another minute… check it out now!


Time Vault: Battle for the Portal

Good Thursday to you all!

I almost forgot the code to open the time vault… that would have been a disaster.  Without a time vault, how could we enjoy the classic FilmCow videos… like this weeks release… Battle for the Portal?

This animation was created by Jason in 2003 for Newgrounds, and has a lot of action, drama… and characters that you might not recognize anymore.

So come on in… I left the vault door open for you.


Mid-Week Update

Welcome to Thursday… and another mid-week update.

On Monday we released a new and exciting series on our second channel… Nick’s World of Bugs!  Do you like bugs? Do you enjoy watching our good buddy Nick?  If you answered yes or no to these two questions, you are sure to love this new series.  Give it a watch, and learn something new!

Today we released another episode of “Chris Talks”.  This time we had our good friend, Jim Ether, provide the drawings.  He’s a very talented artist, and has his artwork for sale here!  Head over and see all the fantastic stuff that can be on your wall!

The FilmCow Time Vault has been updated once again with another look back into the past.  This weeks video is ‘The Rescue’, and is another Full Sail project from Jason.

Wow… what a busy week!


Mid-Week Update

Hello friends!

Welcome to the new Mid-Week Update.  This was where I would have told you about the new and exciting videos that we put in the Time Vault… but we decided to change things up a little bit.  Look forward to Thursday’s not only being about the Time Vault, but also about our FilmCow Extra’s releases.

First things first… if you haven’t already, go subscribe to our second channel on YouTube.  We have a couple of new series including Scuffcraft and The Titusville Culture Report, as well as Chris Talks, bonus videos and more!

On Monday this week, we released Scuffcraft: Cities Tour.  And today, we released another episode of The Titusville Culture Report.  Go check it out, and learn all about the FilmCow Minecraft server as well as Titusville!

In our Time Vault release today, we added one of the first videos we ever filmed together… The Gourd!

See you again next week!


Time Vault: Original Eduardo Spatulahands

Good Wednesday to you all!

In this week’s new Time Vault release, we present the original Eduardo Spatulahands.  This version is 10 years old, and shows how far we’ve come in regards to special effects and…. acting….  It also reminds me how thin I used to be!

Three years after we made this one, we decided that we liked the character so much we would do another version (also available in the Time Vault).  Who knows…maybe Eduardo will make a comeback… or not.  He has suffered a lot of abuse already.

These are my hands!



Time Vault: Hangin’ Out at the Grill

Greetings once again!

It’s the middle of the week… so that means it’s time to give you something new (or old… depending on how you look at it).

This week we present Hangin’ Out at the Grill.  This video was made for a 48 hour film contest, and includes some talking meat… on a grill…  and they are just… hangin’ out…

So let’s get this grill fired up and see what our friends have to say!

– Chris

Time Vault: Bloodlust and Sock Puppets

Fancy meeting you here again!  It’s Chris, your host into the wonderful world of the FilmCow Time Vault.

Today we bring you a video from the days back at Full Sail… when the nights were long, and movies were even longer.  I hope you’re prepared for… Bloodlust and Sock Puppets!

Do you have a favorite sock puppet that you can watch this movie with?  If so, you should grab it and prepare yourself for some good times!

Time Vault: Orange

Hey guys!

Today’s time vault video is an older one… we had to dig a little deeper for this.  These were the times of iMedia… before FilmCow was even a thought.  Jason also introduced us to a couple of new faces, Kelli and Tim!

What else can I say about this video?  Not too much… I don’t even remember when it was filmed because I wasn’t able to make it down at the time.

For some reason this video is best viewed with a nice cold glass of orange juice… enjoy.


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