Charlie the Unicorn: The Grand Finale

HELLO FRIENDS! I’m doing a Kickstarter to fund a 30 minute “Charlie the Unicorn” finale. If you’d like to learn more or back the project, you can do so at this fabulous Kickstarter page right here:

I’d love to have your support! I’ve been planning this finale for years now and I’m excited to possibly get the chance to make it!


6 Responses to “ “Charlie the Unicorn: The Grand Finale”

  1. elspectacular says:

    Just one question before I back this.

    What about Chris, Jennifer, Nick and all of our favourite Filmcow-Crewmembers? Will they be a part of this?

    I miss them in your recent clips…

    • Jason Steele says:

      Chris will be voicing a character. I hope to have Jen voice a character too – she has a baby coming any day now though so we’ll see! Nick moved to another state and probably won’t be in this, but who knows!

  2. Peter says:

    Glad too see that the Kickstarter has over doubled your goal to over 76000. After episode 5 is done is Charlie done for good or is there other things planed for Charlie? what I mean is a game or sometging else?

  3. Meow says:

    Well… that escalated quickly. 3 days in and there is already 225%+ the needed funds. Evidently the world is more accepting of animated unicorns than patriotic eagles.

  4. peter says:

    Wow over 300% funded, even more funding too come. Any way is there any way too see your Kickstarter live on YouTube because I missed it and would like to see it.