Merlin Reacts to The Fine Brothers

Merlin’s reaction to this Fine Brother’s “React World” announcement:




3 Responses to “ “Merlin Reacts to The Fine Brothers”

  1. Pasha says:

    Jason the Fine brothers got nothing on you. you are still a trillion times smarter and funnier then they will ever be. As for Merlin it is not the magic than makes him funny it is how bitter he is.

  2. Aaron says:

    I loved the minisode episode you posted on Twitter along with this. More people need to watch that, as well. Well done.

  3. BopBop says:

    Fishes and horses, animals that do not have our focused sight, the one that focused on what is put in from of us to see. Their eyes allow them to see almost at two opposite sides at the same time.

    A wider range of vision, a wider understanding?