Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom

America is saved.


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  1. PooMingler69/420BlazeIt/911InsideJobe/YoloSwag says:

    Wow. I was not expecting you to upload the entire movie. Thanks Jason!Thank you for your years of steady great content! You are a beautiful fellow.

  2. Zach says:

    Was the DVD a kickstarter only thing, or will other people be able to buy it, because I definitely would buy a copy

  3. Michael says:

    I must know, are those last characters truly dead? Or is that just going to be a passing phase for them? It seems fairly plausible that one death wouldn’t really affect them

  4. Bop Bop says:

    was this movie a critic against totalitary nations and its average citizens as accomplices (product of their ignorance)?
    Did you equated USA to such kind of empires and the detective as one of those citizens?
    Was the wish of the detective the same the time/dimension travelers wanted?
    When Robert read his lines, was he aware of the context?

  5. andrew says:

    i loved the moment at the end when you played the song from spatula madness

  6. BopBop says:

    Jason, there is a plot hole in this movie:

    – Fanny and Earl being part of the resistance, which implies they still remember America (they are not fugicans, since they are not called Fug).

    – Which implies that they should have been previouly known by the Detective in order for Ouya to preserve them in this reality, which is not the case since he was introduced to them by Ouya after the event.

    – Even if this could be explained by Fanny connection with Gurlax, that would not cover Earl since he does not share such link (has a different voice).

    – This plot hole could explained if they come from a previous erased reality. But during the meeting, there is nothing that suggest such thing (unlike if for example Brendan were part of it). They seem completely ignorant of the situation.

    This suggest there is third unknown player here…

    • Jason Steele says:

      Fannie is soul-linked to Goreslax, which is why she remained.

      Earl is soul-linked to Fannie, due to an attempted soul-stealing experiment Fannie did at some point in their relationship.

      • BopBop says:

        Wish I had took a couple seconds to check the gramar in the previous msg 😀

        – The soul linking sounds very convinsing and such think would not be rare on that couple relation.

        – This is only specoolation, but if such linking included the Spook as the contratist, that would create an interestin scenario, since he is already dead and therefore unafected by the “everyone else died” thing. Aditionaly, the time travelers would not represent a threat to him; so he would have no urgent reason to be part of the meeting (maybe he was busy selling the pizzas).

        Anyway, this stuff is kind of irrelevant (but still interesting). It was a great movie; very enjoyable, with a good message and a lot of repetitive value (all what Fantastic 4 keeps consistently lacking). Thanks, congratulations and keep the awesomeness C:

      • BopBop says:

        WAIT A SECOND…. I just noticed…
        What about Jesus???

        – He was also unaffected by the reality change. After all he was still aware of America. Also the detective did not know him before the event.

        – He had no idea what was going on, so no chance that he was from a previously erased empire (The United Kingdom of Atlantis for example).

        – His supernatural existence should not make him immune, after all Goreslax was not either.

        The only two explanations I can come with are quite twisted:

        1. As Jesus, he had a special relation with the detective (specially since he can see everyone jerking off and his dependence on America). So in a way, their souls were already linked.

        2. The most interesting idea, comes from the fact that you made him a mermaid, a fictional character (that and the his wacky context). This should reinforce the idea that Jesus is not real. Making him immune to Ouya, since he can only modify reality.

        • Blarg says:

          I’m pretty sure Jesus was being kept alive by cube energy. He mentioned that Amaracium was dying due to America no longer producing energy cubes. Likewise, in his death scene, Brendan says he ran out of cube energy.

          As far as we are aware, nobody else was being kept alive by the cube energy. (The energy used on Heart of America was simply used for the resurrection/teleportation.)

          Since we don’t actually know what cube energy /is/, or how long it’s been around for, the question is why Brendan would need it when nobody else (outside of Amerecium) did.

          For example, it could be that the people of Slam Zone required energy cubes to survive. Or, it could be that the cubes were an alternative source of energy that happened to be compatible with his species. It also occurs to me that perhaps cube energy was imparted on him to keep him safe. Note how (as far as we know), he and Amerecium weren’t visited by the Open Universe Society? The only flaw with this is that they would have visited Brendan upon his running out of energy.

  7. Pete says:

    Did fanny and earl really die or was it a movie plot and there not really dead???

  8. Jeff says:

    Easily the best movie of 2015. How many eagle statues do you own? He broke so many times….

  9. Tristram says:

    I will cherish this movie for millions of years.

  10. hophigh says: