Fannie and Earl: Fury Road

Fannie sees the new Mad Max movie.




3 Responses to “ “Fannie and Earl: Fury Road”

  1. Peter the grat fan says:

    I enjoy this series, wish it got more views. This is so simple as in graphics, but even the most simple videos can beat the much more complex films, in terms of comedy. I did not pay the kick starter movie, (sorry but did not work so had no money) but what I read glad if all goes as plan it will be out by July 4th also sad too hear about your money issues lets hope the movie will get you out of it or at least eases it a bit. Fanny and Earl are a great team with the spook ok the spook is the best.

  2. R hendry says:

    llamas with hats, a review…..
    an stark and perplexing commentary on the desensitization to violence in modern society. The story is allegoric while functioning on multiple levels representative of the egalitarian concepts. both poly and monotheistic ideals are displayed in a matrix that combines post-Freudian interactions by the main characters. The bleak backdrop of barren walls and sunless skies serve as a canvas of the true nature of our world – upon which the character seen oblivious to due to the mass attention given to their own reality in which their troubles are paramount and ergo of greater import. The subject matter is exaggerated in order to dramatize the self over the surroundings as a epitaph of the modern wide spread epidemic of self involvement. The work is sublime and poignant, moving yet repulsive in its persistence to make its point. Like most people, screaming for quite or bombing for peace, the irony of the authors intentions is lost on the common viewer. By example; friendship breading isolation, acceptance forcing gross compromise, questions on how where diversity ends and the toleration of deviant behaviors begin. These fundamental and pervasive topics are challenged by the the work, forcing the view to not only question these ideals but also, they forced to endure these issues as the piece becomes more uncomfortable to watch. In the end, the view has traveled though all phases of life, experiencing laughter, shock, denial, anger, compromise, confusion and lastly acceptance that the work, much like life, ends as it begins; alone and that life is mainly confusingly protracted periods of horror and conflicted punctuated by brief moments of joy and eating roasted faces with friends.

  3. Furybang says:

    Good show, When the Detective heart of America comes out can you do a Fannie and Earl show where Fannie sees the movie. In my mind that will be the best argument these two will fight about.