Llamas with Hats 10

Where are you Carl, what is happening…




4 Responses to “ “Llamas with Hats 10”

  1. ETSB says:

    Creepy Ep here it’s getting more paranormal by the Ep, I’ve heard rumours that there is going to be 15 Ep’s but another rumours say only 12 which one is it.

  2. Corey Joseph says:

    I heard there were going to be one million and one episodes, and they’re all going to be cyclical, so as soon as the last episode ends, it begins all…over…again. *DRAMATIC ACTION MUSIC WHOA*

  3. Evan says:

    I love that in response to those nitpickers on YouTube that you guys made the end sequence so out of tune. Hilarious and well done!