Llamas with Hats 6

Those llamas just keep on wearing hats, it’s crazy!




15 Responses to “ “Llamas with Hats 6”

  1. Larry says:

    That was good. Please don’t over do Llamas with hats like you did to hit it with a car.

    • Jason Steele says:

      We have nine more Llamas with Hats episodes planned, and sometime next year I would like to do a Hit it With a Car feature film.

      • I can’t wait – if you’re going to do it, may as well overdo it, as I always say when I hit things with cars.

      • PokemonFan says:

        Wow you guys do a lot, just wondering how many hours do you work on all your FilmCow stuff a day is it like 18h a day average.

      • n0cDk3y says:

        Not sure if serious or trolling.

      • Larry says:

        Super that’s nice, I never thought that hit it with a car could be a film, but love too se it come out. Are the Llamas with hats following a story line?????????

      • Shelby Allen says:

        Please don’t ever stop Llamas With Hats. Like, ever. It’s comedy gold! Been waiting for more episodes for so long that I forgot to keep waiting and just found episodes 5 and 6 today. You guys are the Henry Ford of human meat- I mean laughing at grossly inappropriate things and stuff. Just like Caaaarrrrrrl, do not apologize for art. Keep up the good work. 🙂

      • PD says:

        YEAH!! 9 more episodes!! My college-age son shared and made me a fan… now my 84-y-o mom quotes LWH all the time too!!! Multi-generational sick humor!!

  2. QWERTY says:

    Is the “Hit it with a car” film going to be the format of jackass movies where you hit different stuff with no story line??? And 9 more “Llamas with hats” great!!!!!!!!!

  3. Top930 says:

    Is the Llamas with hats on the extra FilmCow that you put yesterday part of the 9 you plan to release?????

  4. secretname:D says:

    what’s up with carl in the llamas with hats hd? (ps i watched wizard horse. it was very interesting…)

  5. SouthParkFan says:

    from the Patreon money do you keep all of it or does some of the money go to the Patreon company???????

    • Jason Steele says:

      Patreon takes 5% of what we make, and another 4% or so gets taken for credit card transaction fees, etc.

  6. secretname:D says:

    I think all the patrepn money goes to filmcow (or whoever you’re donating to)