The FilmCow Weekly News Address

WHOA! It’s another Sunday, and I’m here to tell you all the FilmCow haps! Do people really say things like that? Could someone let me know? I’m kind of out of touch.

Anyway, you may have noticed that Jason has launched a Patreon for Main Channel releases. There are some sweet rewards for our patrons, and trust me, every frickin’ dollar helps.

Moving right along … tomorrow the Extra Channel is releasing something mysterious. Maybe it will be a tutorial. Maybe it won’t be. Only the future, and people in the future, will know. Thursday is Chris Talks, with everyone’s buddy, Chris Alex.

Saturday will bring about a Main Channel release. Wow. Very release. Much FilmCow.

Annnnnnd that’s all for now. There are a bunch of exciting things in the works for FilmCow, though I am not at liberty to discuss any of them with anyone. Sorry. Just know that we’re thinking of you, and we love you, and we hope you’re doing well.


This is my most recent favorite thing: Princess Jellyfish. It’s on Netflix. It completes me. Team Mayaya 4-eva.


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