The FilmCow Weekly News Update

Goooooood eeeeeeevening (or whatever time of day it is as you read this). I am here today, as I am every week, to tell you of the goings-on at FilmCow.

On Monday, the Extra Channel is going to have … something … released. Thursday will be a new Chris Talks. Saturday is a SECRET and EXCITING release on the Main Channel. I think you will love it.

In unrelated news, horror claymation creator extraordinaire Lee Hardcastle (who we’re big fans of), has a Kickstarter for his new movie, “Spook Train 3D!” If you’ve never seen his work before, I really recommend it (provided you like graphic claymation gore and disturbing themes). This is not claymation for stupid babies, it’s for tough peeps.


laters, taters.


5 Responses to “ “The FilmCow Weekly News Update”

  1. Rain says:

    I guess the bi weekly release is gone?
    Or is it just this once?

    • Scuffy says:

      What do you mean? There’s a release on Sat. I even said so.

      • Rain says:

        I mean Jason said he would be limiting the main releases to a Bi-Weekly schedule. And now you say there is going to be a release this week breaking that Bi-Weekly schedule. Is this permanent or is it a one time thing and back to the Bi-Weekly main releases?