The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Hey pals. How’s everyone doing? Did you remember to change your stupid clocks if you live in the US? Time has no effect on me, so I don’t bother with that stuff.

This week, Monday’s Extra Channel release will be a tutorial! I hope you learned a lot from the last one. On Thursday, look out for the Titusville Culture Report. It’s gonna getcha.

On Saturday, check out the Main Channel for a new release. I would tell you what it is, but that would imply that I already know.

In other news, Jason and I have been taking turns playing The Stick of Truth. Jason loves South Park, though I do not. The game is amazing, however, as it appeals to both my love of DnD and of mocking everything. It’s a lot of fun. Princess Kenny is the best. I want her to have a game next.




4 Responses to “ “The FilmCow Weekly News Address”

  1. Larry Lonsom says:

    Wow two new video’s on the main channel, released in a span of a week of each other. The south park game looks fun, princes Kenny is funny.

  2. Josh says:

    Knew that Jason had to be a big South Park fan just by some of the voices he does, particularly the characters from “The Animal” series.

  3. Rain says:

    Hey Scuff, quick Q. Will Titusville Culture Report turn into a Silent Hill-esque show with Chris just going to all these spooky places in Titusville? (Not that the places he has been going to arent spooky)