The FilmCow Weekly News Update

Yo yo yo! Wazzzzup? Ready to find out what’s the dilly0?

Ok. On Monday, the Extras Channel is knockin’ out a new Scuffcraft that shows a couple abandoned builds on the server. It’s a little light viewing for your eyeballs before Chris releases the next “Chris Talks” on Thursday. Will it also be light? Or will it be heavy? You shall have to wait and find out.

On the Detective Heart of American movie front, work continues! I can’t tell you much more than that without releasing SECRET INFORMATION about IMPORTANT DETAILS in the PLOT or something. Jason’s been working diligently on the Kickstarter thank you videos, among other things.

That’s all for now, homies. Have a rad week.


Peace out.


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  1. n0cDk3y says:

    I’d kill to have her legs. …In my closet I mean. Or as a lamp