The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Salutations, friendly acquaintances and other personages. Welcome to the web-log post in which I, Scuffington VonSkoofers, release to you information pertinent to the company of FilmCow. Firstly, I must say, you are looking quite well. I hope that it pleases you to know that we at FilmCow will commence Detective Heart of America filming preparation this week.

On Monday, turn your web-browsing machines to the FilmCow Extra Channel so that you may perhaps see Nick’s World of Bugs, unless Jason decides to release something else. On Thursday, the ever-dependable Christopher Alex brings you “Chris Talks.”

Saturday shall surely delight you with a new animation on the main FilmCow Channel. I have seen it and it is divine.

Have a glorious day, etcetera.


With great sincerity and adoration,

Scuffington VonSkoofers, Esq.



2 Responses to “ “The FilmCow Weekly News Address”

  1. JollyOswald says:

    Good Ol’ William Hartnell

  2. Jengo Chase says:

    Dang…I was gonna say that, JollyOswald…oh well….

    ~Doctor Who~
    Wee-ooh~ Wee-dee doo~
    (That’s the theme music)