The FilmCow Weekly News Address


Guess what’s happening this week! Pretty much the same deal you’re used to. Monday on the Extras Channel a new “FilmCow Visits Austin” will probably be released. On Thursday, a new “Chris Talks” will come your way.

The Main Channel release on Saturday is going to be something that makes me laugh a lot. I think you’ll like it. I think the world will like it. I think it will spark a revolution.

Crap, I need a picture for this week. Uuuuuhhhh ……


I googled “dapper cat.” I dunno. Gimme a break. I’m Scuffy.

The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Sup buds, you ready for some knowledge?

On Monday, a new Scuffcraft (seapig) will be released on the Extras Channel. Thursday a new Titusville Culture Report will be a-coming your way.

Guess what’s going on this week? Filming for the Detective Heart of America movie! We’re even going prop shopping tomorrow. Thanks, Kickstarter backers! You da greatest!


SEA ya later, pals.


Welcome to the C.I.A.

I have a new cartoon for you today, my great friends.  It is about a very important C.I.A. meeting.  Perhaps the most important C.I.A. meeting of all time.




The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Salutations, friendly acquaintances and other personages. Welcome to the web-log post in which I, Scuffington VonSkoofers, release to you information pertinent to the company of FilmCow. Firstly, I must say, you are looking quite well. I hope that it pleases you to know that we at FilmCow will commence Detective Heart of America filming preparation this week.

On Monday, turn your web-browsing machines to the FilmCow Extra Channel so that you may perhaps see Nick’s World of Bugs, unless Jason decides to release something else. On Thursday, the ever-dependable Christopher Alex brings you “Chris Talks.”

Saturday shall surely delight you with a new animation on the main FilmCow Channel. I have seen it and it is divine.

Have a glorious day, etcetera.


With great sincerity and adoration,

Scuffington VonSkoofers, Esq.


The Mystery of the Missing Emerald Necklace

So we had a lot of delays with pretty much everything we were working on last week thanks to the holidays, and decided to just take the rest of the week off and focus on catching up.  Everything is back on track now, however, so expect to see your regularly scheduled main channel / extras channel releases this week.

Speaking of which, I present to you… The Mystery of the Missing Emerald Necklace!  The third in my grand and epic Mystery series.  Enjoy.