The FilmCow Weekly News Address

WHOA HEY! Sorry for the absence! Holidays, etc., completely threw all of us off here at FilmCow. Your forgiveness is appreciated.

GUESS WHAT! FilmCow now has a dedicated Extras computer! That means I will be using it for Scuffcraft, adding to the quality of the videos. I tried it out last night and all the audio for the upcoming Scuffcraft (which was to be released on Monday) got messed up. We’ve been unable to recreate the problem, so I’m guessing it was tiny goblins in the computer that have since left. I have to re-record everything! This means Scuffcraft will not be released on Monday as it usually is, but instead will be released on Wednesday. Probably.

On Thursday-ish, Titusville Culture Report will come at’cha.

Sometime, someday, Jason will be releasing something on the main channel. Specifics are overrated.

Clearly the hollydaze have confused us all, what with being adults and doing things like “spending time with family from out-of-town.” I hope you’re all having a wonderful time of it, despite our madness. Get it? Because last update I posted a picture of Madness?


I love you.


4 Responses to “ “The FilmCow Weekly News Address”

  1. Kyle Tansley says:

    Suggs is a beautiful man.

    Please keep posting Madness pictures forever.

    Also you made another joke in that sentence because “Wonderful” is an album by Madness, and you said “I hope you’re all having a wonderful time of it”

  2. Flash says:

    All I have to say is that yesterday’s Chris’s talks was very good. And one question what kind of computer did you guys buy. Is it a I core 7, Windows or Mac????????

  3. Dr Tran says:

    Do you ever laugh at your own vids?