The FilmCow Weekly News Address

FRIENDS! I am so excited with life right now.  First off, I’m listening to the Brendon Small album, Galaktikon. It’s on Spotify, but it’s good enough that I think I will buy it on my iPhone. It’s like listening to every musician that’s ever been on Metalocalypse, but all put together into one band. Makes sense, since that’s pretty much what it is (because Brendon Small IS most of those musicians).

Secondly, our Detective Heart of America Kickstarter is fully funded! I am not surprised that this happened, only that it happened so quickly. However, I still suggest you throw a few bucks in so you can get thanked on the video. Thirty smackaroonies gets you a signed DVD. The FilmCow crew, including Chris and Jennifer Alex, Jason, and myself (kinda) did a live Q&A on YouTube yesterday about the Kickstarter/Movie. I was participating in our Minecraft server’s spawn cleanup day, so I was mostly background (it went well, thank you for asking). Look for future YouTube live videos from FilmCow, because we’re not done with them.

Coming up this week, tomorrow on the FilmCow Extra Channel check out Nick’s World of Bugs. On Thursday, Chris will pelt you with the latest Chris Talks. The main channel will seduce you on Saturday with a continuation of one of our series (serieses? serii? have I had this problem before?), or maybe an animation.

For now, gaze upon my idol and despair.


I love you, Brendon Small.


2 Responses to “ “The FilmCow Weekly News Address”

  1. n0cDk3y says:

    I love the newest Ouya-related vid. Thanks for reading!

  2. The plural of series is, in fact, ‘series’.

    I think we’ve all learned something today.