The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Hey babies. Didya miss me? I’m in Pennsylvania right now, visiting my family for Thanksgiving so I totally forgot about updating the blog. This might happen again around the end of December, FYI. I have trouble multi-tasking.

In case you missed it, on Monday FilmCow Visits Austin slid its way onto the Extra channel. On Thursday, behold a new Chris Talks. The main channel release for Saturday will be a cartoon. I REFUSE TO TELL YOU WHAT KIND.

Time is winding down for The Detective Heart of America Kickstarter so if you haven’t contributed yet, do it now! I’ve seen the t-shirt designs and they’re pretty sweet. This movie is going to be special and YOU WILL FOREVER REGRET NOT ASSISTING US unless you act now. Ignore this message if you’ve already contributed/are too poor to contribute.

One last thing! Scuffcraft’s next theme is “create a holiday” and it’s due THIS THURSDAY by midnight. More information is on the FilmCow Forum.

Speaking of Minecraft, check me out (courtesy of MindyHolly):


Thanks for hanging out.


The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Hello compatriots. Welcome, welcome.

You know what brings me great joy? Our releases for this week. Monday, I’ll birth a new Scuffcraft. This one is going to show you some FilmCow pixel art on the server. Thursday you’ll witness a new Titusville Culture Report. Ooo, ahh!  Also, be on the lookout for some Kickstarter-related videos coming your way this week.

In other news, here’s a picture I drew of me as a cat.


It’s a little dark, but then again, SO AM I.



It’s Cake Boss!

He’s Buddy.  He’s the boss.

Anyone here watch Cake Boss?  Buddy is the boss.  No one else is the boss.




The FilmCow Weekly News Address

FRIENDS! I am so excited with life right now.  First off, I’m listening to the Brendon Small album, Galaktikon. It’s on Spotify, but it’s good enough that I think I will buy it on my iPhone. It’s like listening to every musician that’s ever been on Metalocalypse, but all put together into one band. Makes sense, since that’s pretty much what it is (because Brendon Small IS most of those musicians).

Secondly, our Detective Heart of America Kickstarter is fully funded! I am not surprised that this happened, only that it happened so quickly. However, I still suggest you throw a few bucks in so you can get thanked on the video. Thirty smackaroonies gets you a signed DVD. The FilmCow crew, including Chris and Jennifer Alex, Jason, and myself (kinda) did a live Q&A on YouTube yesterday about the Kickstarter/Movie. I was participating in our Minecraft server’s spawn cleanup day, so I was mostly background (it went well, thank you for asking). Look for future YouTube live videos from FilmCow, because we’re not done with them.

Coming up this week, tomorrow on the FilmCow Extra Channel check out Nick’s World of Bugs. On Thursday, Chris will pelt you with the latest Chris Talks. The main channel will seduce you on Saturday with a continuation of one of our series (serieses? serii? have I had this problem before?), or maybe an animation.

For now, gaze upon my idol and despair.


I love you, Brendon Small.


Detective Heart of America: The Feature Film Kickstarter

Hey everyone!

I’m pleased to announce the launch of FilmCow’s very first crowdfunding campaign!  We would really like to make a feature-length Detective Heart of America movie (and release it for free on YouTube), and to do that we need your help.

Why a feature-length movie?
Detective Heart of America is all about extremes: the fate of the entire United States is always at risk.  That’s the sort of grandiose plot design that lends itself very well to a feature-length project.  We want to create a movie that is fast-paced, ridiculous, exciting, and that contains the same irreverent and surreal humor that our YouTube audience tunes in for.

Why Detective Heart of America?  Why not one of your animated series?
We don’t want a feature-length project to disrupt our YouTube release schedule.  An animated feature would consume 100% of our time, whereas this project will allow us to continue delivering semi-weekly videos and animations to our YouTube channel uninterrupted.  Also, we really really like this series and the potential it has to be a super fun movie.

What will the movie be about?
A nefarious criminal has used his tremendous stockpile of stolen wealth to purchase all of the United States’ debt, making him a majority owner of America.  His first act as owner is to pass a new amendment that annuls the Constitution, retroactively revoking the United States’ status as a country.  Suddenly the USA officially does not, and never has, existed.  How will Heart of America deal with the death of his beloved homeland?  Will he have the strength to continue fighting the good fight now that everything he knows and cares for is gone?

You can find out more information on our Kickstarter page.  We have 30 days to reach our goal and save America, forever.  You can help FilmCow make this project a reality and get some cool stuff in return!



The FilmCow Weekly News Address

HEY BUDDIES! I am so excited to be here with the FilmCow news.

Today on the Extras Channel, the latest episode of Scuffcraft is out! This one’s theme is “Difficulty” and I ended up with 9 fun builds to show off. On Thursday, you’ll be witnessing the glory of a new Titusville Culture Report.

In FilmCow Minecraft Server news, we’ll be having a spawn clean-up day on Saturday. Join in the community fun!

Later in the week, there will be a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT from FilmCow. So stay tuned, or whatever the internet term is for that.


I love you. So much.


Spatula Madness: Lost at Sea

It’s the continued adventures of Edward the spatula!  This gag is actually from the canceled Spatula Madness movie, although the animation and artwork is all new.  I was fighting off a cold this week and couldn’t record proper voices, so I wanted to do a video where all the voices were already recorded.