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The FilmCow Weekly News Address

HELLO ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!  I am in an exceptionally good mood because it is almost Halloween! You know what that means: Trick-or-treating in Animal Crossing New Leaf! YES! The excitement is overwhelming sometimes.

Let’s bring things back to reality, though. On Monday, tune in to the FilmCow Extra Channel for a never-before-seen, three year old video featuring Jason’s brother Joshqua and their cousin David. Thursday will present you with a new Chris Talks! Saturday will be a secret, shh, don’t tell.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween, if you’re into that sort of thing. Dressing up rules. If you’re not into Halloween, then I hope you have a nice Thursday instead.




The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Whoa, it’s Monday. I can’t believe Sunday passed me by without a FilmCow update. Sorry, buds. I was way too busy watching Iron Chef America to notice that I didn’t tell you what’s going on this week!

Today we released the latest episode of Scuffcraft on the Extras YouTube channel! This one featured the city of Troy, build by the illustrious RNolan (and shown to me by MindyHolly). On Thursday, Chris will tickle your ears and eyes with the latest Titusville Culture Report!
No release on the main channel this Saturday as Jason works on other projects and also regains some sanity.

Until then, be soothed by this image of my three favorite people from Iron Chef America:


That’s all for now, pals.



The A/C for my office broke and I didn’t feel like animating in a 92 degree room this week, so… puppets!

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoy Biscoff Spread.




The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Hellllllloo! How ARE you? It’s time for me to share: I’m afraid that people will notice if I reuse greetings for the updates, but I’m too lazy to check my previous entries to make sure I use unique ones. The alternative option would be to pick one and stick with it, but I have trouble with commitment.

ANYWAY. Wanna guess what we’re releasing on the Extras channel this week? Monday: not sure yet. Thursday: Chris will bring you a new Chris Talks. On Saturday, you’ll get an animation on the main channel. Our A/C is still on the fritz, so it’s made office work difficult. Forgive our Floridian blood.

I just googled “Floridian blood” and it didn’t come up with anything interesting. Instead, I will give you a picture from my harddrive.


It’s my cat, Luca. She’s magical.

Much love,


The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Suuuuuuuuuup. Uh. Hi. How’s it goin. I’m ok. My wrists are still banged up, but I’ve been ignoring their complaints enough to go back to playing Animal Crossing New Leaf and Minecraft, though not as much as I used to. So sad.

BUT! Tomorrow a new episode of Scuffcraft is being released on the Extras Channel! I am very excited about this one, because it features a themed build. That makes my life much easier, since I am basically a lazy person, so win/win. On Thursday, prepare yourself for a new episode of the Titusville Culture Report. Which place will Chris adore this time?

Jason has started an every-other-week release schedule for the main channel. That’s a good thing, because the a/c in our house broke which means the office is currently 93 degrees farenheit. Not ideal working conditions! Thanks, Florida. I mean Obama.

In celebration of my return to Animal Crossing New Leaf, a screenshot:


I love you all.


Obama’s Terrible Secret

HEY EVERYONE.  The United States is currently on time out.  Today’s cartoon is about the reason for that.