Time Vault: The Gourd 2

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When we made the original Gourd, we knew that we wanted to make a sequel… because we stumbled upon something magical.  So The Gourd 2 was made the year after.  The special effects were increased, the acting refreshed, and script updated… which all led to the Oscar winning video you see today.

So don’t waste another minute… check it out now!


Klay World: All Gone

I’ve been a huge fan of the Klay World series since I first stumbled across it on Newgrounds ten years ago.  There’s always been something magical about it, something I feel no one else in the world could ever reproduce.  Over the years Robert’s animation has improved, as has his sense of direction and timing, but every episode – all the way back to the first – still holds up as funny.

With “All Gone”, the Klay World series is now a completed project.  There’s been something like a hundred episodes, a feature film, and now a finale.  I’m sad to see it all end, but as a fan I couldn’t have asked for a better send-off.

“Klay World: All Gone” is, I feel, the very best Klay World episode.  Not only is it hilarious, and hilariously violent, but it’s also surprisingly heartfelt.  I’ve been watching Klay World since I was a teenager – it’s been around for more than a third of my life.  And for Robert, this has been his life’s biggest artistic project.  “All Gone” does a great job dealing with the emotions of moving on, in a way that never seems out of place with the inanity that is Klay World.  I was overflowing with nostalgia seeing all the old characters together again, one last time, on one last stupid adventure.  It was like the finale of Lost, but it made me happy and satisfied instead of angry and annoyed that I had wasted so much of my life for nothing.

All Gone ends Klay World a billion times better than the finale of Lost ended Lost.  This is the kind of finale you always hope for with a long-running series.  The animation is the best the series has ever seen, the story is well conceived, and the comedy is spot-on the whole way through.  It hits every note a finale should hit.

If you’re a fan of Klay World, or Robert, show your support and get the finale.  It’s fucking wonderful.

The digital download is available for $4:


The FilmCow Weekly News Address

OH MY GOODNESS, IT’S MONDAY. I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and I must have gotten caught in a space-time anomaly! My bad. Anyway, here’s the update for this week’s releases:

Today, Monday, we released a scene from Spatula Madness. Why not watch it here?
On Thursday, gear up for another thrilling edition of Chris Talks!
For Saturday, expect to see charlie teh unicron 4 on the main channel.

You know that song that Jason released on Saturday? You remember, “In This Box?” If you loved it enough to want to own it forever (or until your harddrive crashes, whichever comes first), you can download it from iTunes or CD Baby. Here, let me throw some links your way.


Here’s a shot of three of my favorite characters from ST:TNG (I didn’t include Picard because that just seemed too obvious).


Just remember: 24 is the gateway to heroic salvation.

Never forget that.


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