Spatula Madness: The Breakroom

Just another day at the office.  The spatula office.

This is not from my abandoned “Spatula Madness” feature, this is a separate short.  I might start doing a bunch of spatula cartoons.  Spatulas.




8 Responses to “ “Spatula Madness: The Breakroom”

  1. RainbowWarrior says:

    I really wish I the Spatula Madness movie got completed… But I kind of enjoy all of the ‘shorts’, knowing it’s all one bit story.

    Well done.

  2. Larry Lonsom says:

    Funny his soul is trapped in a sheet of paper.

  3. ThatOneChick says:

    I just like the way you draw spatulas and make them all faintly psychotic. It’s a lovely art.

  4. n0cDk3y says:

    This is one of my favorite clips from the movie thus far… Really wish this got syndicated or something.

    Good work.

  5. zurabinho says:

    Great one, and oh yes, possible upcoming new spatula stuff, this is exciting !

  6. that guy says:

    Is this a reference to the Myst books?