Hit It With a Car: Slap Chops

It’s time for another episode of the internet’s favorite series: Hit It With a Car!  This time Chris and the gang set off to hit a bunch of Slap Chop choppers.




2 Responses to “ “Hit It With a Car: Slap Chops”

  1. scuffleluv says:

    that’s exatly how friendship should be… three assholes pushing a car in nuetral while thier friend rides loud and proud in the front seat…oh fuck yeah… that is so sexy…. and you know what els is sexy? the sultan hat. invisible high five roberto benfero… grow a beard dude.

  2. Duke_Icoris says:

    The Hit It With A Car™ team has really outdone itself in this episode! The show of solidarity on Hit It With A Car™ really gripped me by the heart strings. A sultan bends down with his friends in order to achieve his goal of Hit It With A Car™ – amazing.

    On a side note, I did enjoy my Hit It With A Car™ collectible Hit It With A Car™ Barbie™ Hit It With A Car™ Car and FREE Hit It With A Car™ stool.