Time Vault: Battle for the Portal

Good Thursday to you all!

I almost forgot the code to open the time vault… that would have been a disaster.  Without a time vault, how could we enjoy the classic FilmCow videos… like this weeks release… Battle for the Portal?

This animation was created by Jason in 2003 for Newgrounds, and has a lot of action, drama… and characters that you might not recognize anymore.

So come on in… I left the vault door open for you.


One Response to “ “Time Vault: Battle for the Portal”

  1. RexKwanDo says:

    Holy shit, that was a blast from the past. I recognized about 90% of the characters – seeing Joe Zombie again made me smile like a moron. I had completely forgotten about most of these characters, but it was good to revisit them. Thanks for posting this.