The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Hey pals. In some parts of the US, this update is still on time! Forgive me, I have been ill. But enough about me, let’s move on to the info!

The main channel release this week will be Hit It With a Car. I love the direction the series is going. That Robert Benfer is something else, lemme tell ya.

The Extras channel will introduce you to Nick’s World of Bugs on Monday. I hope you’re happy to make its acquaintance. Thursday will wow you with a new Chris Talks. What will those Alex bros come up with next?

OH HEY! GUESS WHAT. Jason is working on a new FilmCow game! Feel free to speculate about what it may be.

Here’s a hint:
It has nothing to do with this pony.


3 Responses to “ “The FilmCow Weekly News Address”

  1. Yuki says:

    Chaos Pony the Game?

  2. Blade says:

    More like ynop soach

  3. Supertom says:

    Lego matrix. The game.