Mid-Week Update

Hello friends!

Welcome to the new Mid-Week Update.  This was where I would have told you about the new and exciting videos that we put in the Time Vault… but we decided to change things up a little bit.  Look forward to Thursday’s not only being about the Time Vault, but also about our FilmCow Extra’s releases.

First things first… if you haven’t already, go subscribe to our second channel on YouTube.  We have a couple of new series including Scuffcraft and The Titusville Culture Report, as well as Chris Talks, bonus videos and more!

On Monday this week, we released Scuffcraft: Cities Tour.  And today, we released another episode of The Titusville Culture Report.  Go check it out, and learn all about the FilmCow Minecraft server as well as Titusville!

In our Time Vault release today, we added one of the first videos we ever filmed together… The Gourd!

See you again next week!


4 Responses to “ “Mid-Week Update”

  1. Reginald Taylor says:

    What state park(s) do you guys film your live action videos in? I want to make a pilgrimage there one day.

    • Chris Alex says:

      We filmed many of our earlier videos in The Savannas. They had a small entrance in Jensen Beach that didn’t get much use. We did notice that we would run into more and more people each year…so who knows how busy it is now!

  2. Blender God says:

    After the Culture Report, I want some bacon.