The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Heya paisanos, or if you’re the Super Mario Bros, piezanos. It’s the time of the week again where I spout the FilmCow news at you. Here. We. Go!

This Wednesday, get amped for another “Chris Talks” episode on the Extra channel! Not only that, but starting later this month we’re planning on adding ANOTHER Extra channel release each week. Search your feelings and find it to be true.

Blossoming from our main channel on Saturday will be “Hit It With a Car.” Enjoy its fragrant bloom, unless we end up releasing something else instead. We like to keep our options open. We’re just that kind of flower.

If you’d like to interact with me and other FilmCow lovers, why not hang out with us on our Minecraft server? The address is In order to entice you, here is my latest project: a modest and reasonable house.


Thanks for listening. It means a lot to me.


charlie teh unicron 3

Hello friends and neighbors!  This week we continue the magical adventures of “charlie teh unicron”, not to be confused with “Charlie the Unicorn” who is an entirely different guy.




Time Vault: Op4: Operator

Greetings!  Chris here… your Lead Historical Director of Digital Chronology and Temporal Media Archives… back on this July 4th holiday to bring you an action packed video!

Today’s addition to our vault is, “Op4: Operator”.  This video has it all… action, weapons, explosions, people, water, docks, airplanes, empty rooms, grass, some trees, masks, dark scenes, and some angry dialogue.

So before you go out and watch some fireworks, grab some apple pie and give this little video a watch.

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