Time Vault: Bloodlust and Sock Puppets

Fancy meeting you here again!  It’s Chris, your host into the wonderful world of the FilmCow Time Vault.

Today we bring you a video from the days back at Full Sail… when the nights were long, and movies were even longer.  I hope you’re prepared for… Bloodlust and Sock Puppets!

Do you have a favorite sock puppet that you can watch this movie with?  If so, you should grab it and prepare yourself for some good times!

4 Responses to “ “Time Vault: Bloodlust and Sock Puppets”

  1. Blade says:

    Hey Scuffy, you should tell Jason to still do that Xbox One video, Microsoft can easily re-implement all the old and bad features and I would bet they would put them back in a patch.
    Lots of people think the Xbox One is now safe and good when it really isn’t and can basically become the terrible XO through a first day patch for the system.

  2. joaquin says:

    yepeeeeee wohhooooo.

  3. Bob says:

    Do you happen to have any dessert recipes such as pies or cheesecake?

  4. Bob says:

    Hello?…..anyone?……no. Okay.