The FilmCow Weekly News Address

My friends, my friends, my friends. I have missed you so much this past week. That is why I am back to give you another update on what is happening at the FilmCow headquarters.

Remember how last week I mentioned that we would be moving to two updates a week on the Extra channel? I wasn’t lying! This week, we’ll be rolling out another episode of FilmCow Visits Austin, AND Chris Talks. I am thrilled, personally.

On Saturday, Jason will titillate your senses with information redacted. Oh. I guess it will be another surprise.

If you were ever curious about behind the scenes information, read on! Jason upgraded his computer a couple days ago and it is super zippy now. Harddrive, RAM, video card, and software updates have all made the FilmCowPuter a million times better than before. The world is magic and we all owe thanks to technology.

In other news, I have a part-time job now. Luckily, it’s only about 3 minutes a day.

Eventually I’ll put up pictures of something other than Animal Crossing. But seriously, if you play the game, then you understand. If you don’t play, I forgive you.



9 Responses to “ “The FilmCow Weekly News Address”

  1. n0cDk3y says:

    >In other news, I have a part-time job now. Luckily, it’s only about 3 minutes a day.

    I lol’d. But hey, gyroid storage pays the bills?

  2. I apologize for my evil twin twice removed step brother, The Grease King.
    I enjoyed your recent video of Jimmy Kimmel killing that elephant. It was very dairy.

  3. EMSB says:

    How much RAM did you put into your computer, what kind of video card did you install.

  4. Bobbert says:

    Are you guys going for xbox one or ps4 now? It doesn’t really matter or anything because I’m getting a wii u but I’m just curious.

  5. joaquin says:

    Animal crossing for Wii or DS?

  6. dave says:

    Whats your dream code for newleaf