Time Vault: Hangin’ Out at the Grill

Greetings once again!

It’s the middle of the week… so that means it’s time to give you something new (or old… depending on how you look at it).

This week we present Hangin’ Out at the Grill.  This video was made for a 48 hour film contest, and includes some talking meat… on a grill…  and they are just… hangin’ out…

So let’s get this grill fired up and see what our friends have to say!

– Chris

The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Hello, my various and sundry internet buds. I’m stoked to share all the newses with you today.

First off, let me update you on the current schedule.
Saturday: Main channel release
Monday and Thursday: Extra channel release
Wednesday: Time Vault update

This week, get ready for lots of firsts! On Saturday, we’ll have Nick in Cyberspace on the main channel (unless we decide on something else). Monday will smother you in “Scuffcraft: Adventures on the FilmCow Minecraft Server,” and Thursday will be Chris with “The Titusville Culture Report.” You don’t know about Titusville? Well, you will!

That’s it for this week. I do have a confession to make, though. Instead of obsessing over Animal Crossing lately, Metalocalypse has infiltrated my brain. Especially Toki. Duh.




The Warrior

This week on the main channel we bring you “The Warrior”, an animated tale of strength and triumph.

Enjoy, friends and family and ghosts.




Time Vault: Bloodlust and Sock Puppets

Fancy meeting you here again!  It’s Chris, your host into the wonderful world of the FilmCow Time Vault.

Today we bring you a video from the days back at Full Sail… when the nights were long, and movies were even longer.  I hope you’re prepared for… Bloodlust and Sock Puppets!

Do you have a favorite sock puppet that you can watch this movie with?  If so, you should grab it and prepare yourself for some good times!

The FilmCow Weekly News Address

My friends, my friends, my friends. I have missed you so much this past week. That is why I am back to give you another update on what is happening at the FilmCow headquarters.

Remember how last week I mentioned that we would be moving to two updates a week on the Extra channel? I wasn’t lying! This week, we’ll be rolling out another episode of FilmCow Visits Austin, AND Chris Talks. I am thrilled, personally.

On Saturday, Jason will titillate your senses with information redacted. Oh. I guess it will be another surprise.

If you were ever curious about behind the scenes information, read on! Jason upgraded his computer a couple days ago and it is super zippy now. Harddrive, RAM, video card, and software updates have all made the FilmCowPuter a million times better than before. The world is magic and we all owe thanks to technology.

In other news, I have a part-time job now. Luckily, it’s only about 3 minutes a day.

Eventually I’ll put up pictures of something other than Animal Crossing. But seriously, if you play the game, then you understand. If you don’t play, I forgive you.



The Mystery of the Missing Silver Pendant

The world’s greatest tiny elephant detective is on the case again!  This time, Westington Manor’s infamous Silver Pendant (said to be cursed) has been stolen from its display.

Where will this thrilling mystery take us next?




Time Vault: Orange

Hey guys!

Today’s time vault video is an older one… we had to dig a little deeper for this.  These were the times of iMedia… before FilmCow was even a thought.  Jason also introduced us to a couple of new faces, Kelli and Tim!

What else can I say about this video?  Not too much… I don’t even remember when it was filmed because I wasn’t able to make it down at the time.

For some reason this video is best viewed with a nice cold glass of orange juice… enjoy.


The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Hey everybody! It’s me, Scuffy! I’m ready to fill you in with the latest newz happeninz!

Let’s be chronological about this. On Wednesday, expect to see outtakes from the most recent Hit It With a Car! I can’t wait to see what ridiculous antics our friends Nick, Chris, and Robert get into behind the scenes!

I bet you’d like to know what we’re going to release on Saturday, wouldn’t you? Well, we haven’t decided yet. DEAL WITH IT.

Oh man, buddies. Hopefully next week, we’ll be giving you TWO releases a week on the Extra Channel! I am so excited about it! Except that it means I’ll have to cut down on my Animal Crossing play time in order to help out with things.
Do you really want to deprive me of THIS?


Of course you don’t. Thanks for understanding.


Hit It With a Car: Justin Bieber

America’s long wait is over, our most requested “Hit It With a Car” hit is here: Justin Bieber.  What happens when Chris hits The Biebs with a 1981 Cadillac Eldorado?  Find out today!




Time Vault: A Man and His Elephant

Oh, hello… I guess it’s that time of the week again!  Once again I’ve cracked open the Time Vault, and put in a little something special for you.

When Jason was in film school, he wanted to make a parody of all the videos he saw other people making… so he created this masterpiece.

So grab your favorite elephant, sit back, and try to find the deeper meaning of…A Man and His Elephant.

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