The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Hello, people that are reading this. Another week, another update from your friendly Chief Executive Vice President of Information Distribution and Public Outreach Officer for New Media.

Hey, remember last week? I said that we’d be releasing a video about the Xbox One. Ironically (is it ironic?), not long after Jason finished recording the audio for it, Microsoft decided to do a 180 on their much reviled policies. On the up side, yay! Xbox One isn’t going to be awful! On the down side, we had to can the animation. If you’d like to hear it anyway, check it out: Xbox One audio.

This week on the Extras Channel, look forward to another “Chris Talks” on Wednesday!

For our main channel, on Saturday we’ll have a new cartoon called “The Mystery of the Missing Jade Scepter.” THRILLING. And very self-descriptive. Can YOU guess what the mystery will be?

Jason’s made headway on the patch for the Llamas with Hats game! It will be submitted to Apple in the next few days, so keep your eyeballs open.

As for me, I’ll eventually have some things to contribute to the Extras Channel. For now, though, I’m just going to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf until my wrists break.


Sincerely yours,


6 Responses to “ “The FilmCow Weekly News Address”

  1. Dio Brando says:

    I was just going to tell my friends I caught two golden stags, but what a surprise to see this here! Scuffy, we should visit each other’s towns sometime. I swear my villagers aren’t homicidal!

    • Scuffy says:

      Yeah, so, I would be super into that. If you go on the filmcow forum, there are a couple of us that play it and we’ve all swapped friend codes. Get in on that business!

  2. Graham santilli says:

    Yay! Scuffy actually listened to me!

  3. Graham santilli says:

    Very nice audio, Jason. Very well done.

  4. Jerry Springer says:


  5. Christian says:

    HAHA, I laughed so fucking hard at that XBOX One audio. Very funny! I think it would be great if you posted that on your channel (you know, with some introduction explaining that this was made before Microsoft’s 180), it really doesn’t need any animation, it’s funny as hell on it’s own!