Time Vault: Eduardo Spatulahands

Welcome back…did you have a wonderful journey?

Once again this is Chris, Lead Historical Director of Digital Chronology and Temporal Media Archives.  I’m here with another look back into the early days of FilmCow.   This week we bring you… Eduardo Spatulahands!  This remake of our original Eduardo Spatulahands (coming soon to the Time Vault) was filmed and edited over the period of a week, only to be shown to our family during the anual New Years Eve party.  So now…in 2013…we bring it back out for you, our friends.

Please enjoy responsibly.

5 Responses to “ “Time Vault: Eduardo Spatulahands”

  1. n0cDk3y says:

    You have lots of friends, still.

  2. SirChucktheSquirrel says:

    Any chance we’ll be seeing videos that weren’t previously on the site? I’d like to see some videos about Secret Agent Bob, or videos I never even knew about? Or “Orange” or “OP 4: Operator”, those would be nice, too.

    • Jason Steele says:

      The videos you mention, Op 4 and Orange, were both previously on the site – I slowly rotate videos out as they get old enough.

      All of my videos will eventually be put up in the Time Vault, even going back to ones that were never on the internet.

      • Jeff says:

        I have orange on a harddrive somewhere.

        “Like scrabble?”

      • SirChucktheSquirrel says:

        I look forward to seeing them! I made sure to download everything that was still on the site a few years ago before they were taken off, so if you guys felt like uploading some pre-filmcow.com stuff that would be awesome. Cain’t wait for the next installment.
        Also, I really like the live-action shorts, even more so than the more popular cartoons (long live the Cloak), so seeing more of those silly ten minute live action videos would be super awesome.