It’s Aladdin!

Oh hey look, it’s that guy Aladdin!  The guy with all the wishes and stuff!

Hey, hey Aladdin!  Over here!




3 Responses to “ “It’s Aladdin!”

  1. Kev says:

    Oh, wow I think I was actually the first view on YouTube. I gotta say, I kind of understand people’s obsession to declare that they’re first.

    Don’t worry. I didn’t. Great cartoon, by the way! Aladdin’s a dick.

  2. Pet says:

    This was funnier than I thought, Jason you and Chris really just keep getting funnier.

  3. Ivan Stalin says:

    Love the new stuff. keep it up.

    PS: If you made a “the Cloak 2”, I would give you the biggest hug you’ve ever seen