The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Hey buddaroonies! What’s up? Scuffy here to bring you da info that you wanna know.

On Wednesday, expect the next episode of FilmCow Visits Austin to be released on the FilmCow Extra channel! What zany adventures will those BFFs get into this time?

Our main release will probably be “charlie teh unicron 3,” unless Jason gets abducted by aliens. Again.

In the realm of “most exciting thing to ever happen,” FilmCow now has a tumblr! Go there for all your gif needs, and I know you have gif needs. Who doesn’t?

That’s it for this week. I’ve still been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and I just bought the LucasArts Adventure Game pack from Steam, so you can expect to hear from me never again. LOOM was one of my favorite game growing up (along with Sam & Max Hit the Road, Day of the Tentacle, and The Secret of Monkey Island), so now I have to go relive my childhood.

E-C-E-D, Bobbin! E-C-E-D!


The Mystery of the Missing Jade Scepter

A priceless historical artifact has been stolen from Westington Manor!  With the clues drying up fast, there’s only one little elephant with the detective skills to solve the case!




Time Vault: The Kumquat Eaters

Hello fellow FilmCow friends!

This is Chris, your Lead Historical Director of Digital Chronology and Temporal Media Archives.  I’m back again for another exciting look into our time vault.  Today we present a video from Jason’s Full Sail days… a video that includes vacuums, craziness, and yes… you guessed it, kumquats.  So sit back, relax, and get ready to ask the one question we all have…

What about my kumquats?!

The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Hello, people that are reading this. Another week, another update from your friendly Chief Executive Vice President of Information Distribution and Public Outreach Officer for New Media.

Hey, remember last week? I said that we’d be releasing a video about the Xbox One. Ironically (is it ironic?), not long after Jason finished recording the audio for it, Microsoft decided to do a 180 on their much reviled policies. On the up side, yay! Xbox One isn’t going to be awful! On the down side, we had to can the animation. If you’d like to hear it anyway, check it out: Xbox One audio.

This week on the Extras Channel, look forward to another “Chris Talks” on Wednesday!

For our main channel, on Saturday we’ll have a new cartoon called “The Mystery of the Missing Jade Scepter.” THRILLING. And very self-descriptive. Can YOU guess what the mystery will be?

Jason’s made headway on the patch for the Llamas with Hats game! It will be submitted to Apple in the next few days, so keep your eyeballs open.

As for me, I’ll eventually have some things to contribute to the Extras Channel. For now, though, I’m just going to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf until my wrists break.


Sincerely yours,


Horse Man TV pitch video…

Earlier in the year we attempted to pitch a TV version of “The Magical Realm of Horse Man.”  This pitch was ultimately unsuccessful and caused us great shame.

Here is part of that pitch – a video meant to quickly sum up the vibe of the show, and show off our glorious horse artwork.




Time Vault: Curbside Love

It’s Chris, Lead Historical Director of Digital Chronology and Temporal Media Archives… here again for your weekly installment of the FilmCow Time Vault.  Today we are adding Curbside Love.

This short video was made in 2004 for a 48 hour film festival, and included some trashcan lovemaking.  Which reminds me of a trip I took to Bed Bath & Beyond…

No trashcans were harmed in the filming of this video.

The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Happy Sunday, FilmCow marauders! Scuffy here, once again, with the news via a series of near non sequiturs.

How about that new generation of gaming consoles? The presentations at E3 had all of FilmCow so aflutter that we’ve decided to do a video about the Xbox One! Look for it as Saturday’s release this week.

You know what the best thing ever is? Outtake reels. So on Wednesday we’re gonna give you the outtakes from the most recent Hit It With a Car episode! Make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube Extra channel so you don’t miss out.

Creating the Llamas with Hats game patch is taking a little longer than expected, but it will be out as soon as possible.

I hope all you had a fatherly figure in your life to thank today. If not, then I am sorry for bringing it up.  By way of apology, here is a drawer of kittens.


Much love (but mostly nachos),


Hit It With a Car: Diet Coke and Mentos

Chris and Nick are back to hit more things with a car!  Welcome to the “Internet Memes” season of “Hit It With a Car”, with special guest INTERNET SUPERSTAR ROBERT BENFER.




Time Vault: Eduardo Spatulahands

Welcome back…did you have a wonderful journey?

Once again this is Chris, Lead Historical Director of Digital Chronology and Temporal Media Archives.  I’m here with another look back into the early days of FilmCow.   This week we bring you… Eduardo Spatulahands!  This remake of our original Eduardo Spatulahands (coming soon to the Time Vault) was filmed and edited over the period of a week, only to be shown to our family during the anual New Years Eve party.  So now…in 2013…we bring it back out for you, our friends.

Please enjoy responsibly.

The FilmCow Weekly News Address

Oh hey there, friends and frenemies! I didn’t see you. Please, come in and listen to the latest FilmCow news, as told to you by SCUFFY: CHIEF EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF INFORMATION DISTRIBUTION AND PUBLIC OUTREACH OFFICER FOR NEW MEDIA.


First off, I’d like to tell you about how I made a spider-horse out of cardboard and brown craft tape. It’s pretty cool. I prefer papier mache, but the cardboard-and-craft-tape duo is waaaaaay less messy. This is not related to FilmCow, I just think it’s neat. Check out that badonk-a-donk!

Onto REAL FilmCow-related news. You better prepare your eye- and earballs for a brand spankin’ new Hit It With a Car! It will be out either this week or next week. Try to exercise your mind before then so that it DOES NOT EXPLODE.

On Wednesday, get yourself SUPER PSYCHED for another “Chris Talks” episode on the Extras channel! Who knows what he will discuss this time? I don’t! I hope you don’t, either, because then I’ll just feel left out. Nobody likes feeling left out.

The patch for the Llamas with Hats game is still being slaved over and will hopefully be out this week. Try not to freak out in the meantime.

Lastly, Jason is really pumped with the reception that his latest video, It’s Aladdin!, has received. It was even linked from the Huffington Post, which is pretty cool. We plan on doing more videos in a similar style and with similar subject matter. Thanks for the support, everyone!

DID YOU KNOW: It’s Aladdin! was inspired by a conversation Jason and I had about the movie? Pretty much every time you see a “special thanks to Scuffy” it because of my muse-like properties. Not surprising, I mean, look at that sweet spider-horse up there.

Lots of love from the FilmCow crew, except for me, who is waiting ’til marriage,


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