Charlie the Unicorn at Playlist LIVE!

I recently attended the annual YouTube conference “Playlist Live”, and put together this video to be played at the event.  Some of the jokes might not make sense if you’re not familiar with all of the people referenced, but you know whatevers.




5 Responses to “ “Charlie the Unicorn at Playlist LIVE!”

  1. Taco Wiz says:

    Blue and Pink felt really out-of-character here. They felt more like their “teh unicron” counterparts.

  2. 3104558 says:

    How does this not have any comments yet?!

  3. Duke_Icoris says:

    Rule, Britannia! Britannia rules the waves (of the internet)!

    Anyway, great video. How did you get Jenna Marbles to cameo?

  4. Heil Me says:

    Your cat is named Scuffy, correct?

  5. Adabadabadoo says:

    This video felt very reminiscent of the YouTube Live video. I remember back in 2008, I made a YouTube account shortly before it was supposed to start. It was mostly excitement to see what you had in store.