Cat Friends

This is the video we shot with Robert Benfer and Sammie Penrod during my trip to Austin earlier in the year.  It’s about two cats who are the best of friends.

I hope you enjoy these two cat friends as much as they enjoy each other’s cat company, meow.



14 Responses to “ “Cat Friends”

  1. LOLephant In The Room says:

    Very simple, but entertaining nonetheless. Unfortunately your live-action is not my favorite, but it’s definitely better than most popular videos that come out on YouTube.

    Still, it will help fill that void inside of me specifically devoted to the entertainment I feel when watching your videos. Thank you, I’m less empty now…

    • knoxkast says:

      you cant expect jason just to make videos that u only prefer…jason enjoys making live-action skits more than his animation so do you really think he will stop doing them? that will never happen. ive come to enjoy these skits more than the animation he does and i aubbed to jason only when he made animation but i feel that his enjoyment making these skits shows in his material and it is great.

      • LOLephant In The Room says:

        My post wasn’t a request or complaint towards his videos, my apologies if that is what it seemed like. It was merely a statement of preference. Of course I do not expect Jason to make videos that I only prefer, that’s absurd.

        I never meant to discredit Jason’s videos, just that I like his animation better than his live action (and even then I still said his live action was quite good). I hope he makes videos he himself enjoys, because if not what’s the point?

        I’ll try to carefully post comments in the future so that nobody else misunderstands them.

      • Kevolution says:

        Chill, bro. Just because someone says they like apples more than oranges it doesn’t mean that they hate oranges.


  2. Stig says:

    Kitty Amy, anyone?

  3. Mittens The Crime Fighting Cat says:

    Your live action needs more Jennifer and less everyone else. 🙂

  4. Cruz says:

    Why do I feel like Jason and Knox sometimes try to do bad anti-humor?

  5. Don’t read the Youtube comments. This video was fucking great! I especially enjoyed the spaghetti reference and his ability to sense the singularity.