Chris Draws a Cartoon

Hey everyone!  Here’s a new cartoon for you to enjoy and cherish forever!

I love you.  I hope today is wonderful!



12 Responses to “ “Chris Draws a Cartoon”

  1. Clyphe says:

    That was brilliant. Best one yet.

  2. Duke_Icoris says:

    Chris you are so good at drawing stuff! (Moar plz). When you draw, you carve a canvas with the hands of god… the delicious, wonderful hands of god, Chris… and then you drink beer… and fly… and play… and everyone got on the Otter… and thus, you won your spelling bee, sport. Your mother and I are so proud of you!

  3. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    Beautiful. Puts Pablo Picasso to shame, to say the least.

  4. LOLephant In The Room says:

    I must say, this one is probably the most clever yet, and surprisingly from a side project while you work on a larger one. Simplicity at its finest, keep it up!

  5. Vengeance is a cold elephant says:

    *crosses isosceles FUCK YEAH FIRST TIME NO SPELLCHECK but I digress

    *crosses isosceles triangles off his list*
    I will find a way to stop them! If not in this life, then the next…

  6. Boo Boo says:

    That was simply spectacular fantastically great and filled with awesomeness and coated in other synonyms

    • Kevolution says:

      How about acceptable, ace*, admirable, agreeable, bad, boss*, bully, capital, choice, commendable, congenial, crack, deluxe, excellent, exceptional, favorable, first-class, first-rate, gnarly, gratifying, great, honorable, marvelous, neat*, nice, pleasing, positive, precious, prime, rad, recherché, reputable, satisfactory, satisfying, select, shipshape, sound, spanking, splendid, sterling, stupendous, super, super-eminent, super-excellent, superb, superior, tip-top, up to snuff, valuable, welcome, wonderful and worthy?

  7. Axolotl says:

    does anyone know where the music from the beginning come from. If Jason made this, I would love for it to be in the download section. If not, could someone post a link on where I could get this snazzy song.
    Also, is that a trombone I hear?

  8. knoxkast Ep.76 says:

    that was fuckin amazing, it just took my breath away 🙂

  9. erik says:

    What about elaphants on squares? or circles?