Spatula Madness: Opening Scene

This is the opening scene from the feature-length animated movie I attempted to make back in 2006.  It’s one of the few scenes from the movie that I’m still really happy with, and I’m excited to finally share it with people!



18 Responses to “ “Spatula Madness: Opening Scene”

  1. friendly prick says:

    great job jason, very ironic as i was listening to knoxkast episodes 2 and 3 when you were talking about this movie. ur sense of humor hasnt changed from this clip to now. this is meant in a good way too. anyway keep it up dude ur by far my favorite animator, im no kid either im 22 🙂 cant wait for the next video

  2. knoxkast says:


  3. knoxkast says:

    thank u for letting me GO FORTH and Breathe into the freshness of truth, though the film is no more look what became due to the work you used to create this video, you are now basking in the glory of popularity as thousands enjoy YOUR videos today. this film was no failure as it t’was a success you king of KINGS……………………smileyface 🙂

  4. knoxkast says:

    im friendly prick by teh way

  5. Burt Reynolds says:

    Jason, this was beautiful. Why you decided against finishing it is beyond me.

  6. Spy says:

    I’m curious how the 15min Spatula Madness uploaded in 08 fits into this story?

  7. Linesman says:

    We can fight a million lions! We can eat a million bears! We can grab a number 2 pencil and fill out some questionnaires!

    Frankly, this is gold- while this is going to be “just the good stuff”, I’m hoping the good stuff at least hits on what major plot points (if they can be called such) there are.

    And I’m telling you now: if you release that accounting song on its own, I will buy it for any amount of money.

  8. Andrew says:

    Was “A serious business meeting” a scene that was supposed to be apart of Spatula Madness?

  9. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    Haha! Fantastic clip. The song was awesome and I’m glad you decided to release it!

  10. ThatOneChick says:


  11. Why you decided to release this in installments and leave out what deemed to be not up to par material, is beyond me. If you have a completed movie for this, you should post it in its entirity. At least you wouldn’t be releasing something on dvd that you expected to sell but never could. You should, however, release Nick the movie for free. I would pay non exsistant money to watch that!!!

  12. Hellion says:

    Pretty good clip. 🙂

  13. Hidan03 says:

    It just hit me:
    The boss’ name is “Tom” and the company is “F.U.L.P.” Financial… huh…

  14. IKY says:

    It brought a tear to my eye to actually see this. Spatula Madness was always one of my most favorite films of yours, and the premise of a feature-length version excited my chocolately nipples off. I never lost hope, even when you might have, good sir. But it’s very nice to finally see some result of your dreams…and it was outstandingly beautiful! I do wish that I could one day witness the full project, but that medicine ball is entirely in your judicial court. But with that said, you have always had my support and shall continue to. You have magnimonious talent, and I am excited to see the future of your work. With a banana in my ear, I wish you the best of fortune!

  15. Arthur Dent says:

    I love you.


    You magnificent piece of shit.


    (Now that the gushing is over with)

    I’ve been a bit disapointed that you haven’t made any longer features in a while. The Cloak and Spatula Madness were two of my favorite features that you made, and I would love to see more features of that length.

    If you decided to take the full feature movie that is Spatula Madness, repolish it and put it out the world, I would happily buy it from iTunes!

    Arthur Dent, Intergalatic Hitchhiker in Training.