Regarding the “Spatula Madness” movie…

In early 2006 I began work on a feature length animated movie called “Spatula Madness” about a spatula named Edward who worked at an accounting-firm-turned-militia.

I began this project largely because of the success of my friend Robert Benfer’s movie “Klay World: Off the Table.”  I had recently lost both my job and everything I owned to Hurricane Katrina, so my options at that point were either “get a job at Best Buy ” or “move back into my mom’s house to work on something I could, hopefully, eventually sell.”

There were many things I didn’t know how to do when I started that project.  I didn’t know how to draw backgrounds, I didn’t know how to animate anything that wasn’t stupidly simple, I didn’t know how to write songs, I didn’t know how to voice act, and I certainly didn’t know how to write a feature length project.  As such, the “3 or 4 months” I thought I could get the movie done in quickly turned into “over a year, and I’m still only half-way done.”

During that time, something else happened – my web cartoons started to take off in a major way, thanks to the success of “Charlie the Unicorn.”  I was suddenly making a living doing short films for the internet, and that began to take up the bulk of my time.  Not only that, but most of the work I had completed for “Spatula Madness” now looked amateurish in comparison to my more recent projects.  I went back and re-drew and animated things, but the more work I put in the more work I ended up making for myself.  Eventually, I stopped working on the project entirely.

I’ve been telling myself, and the internet, for years that I’d eventually pick things back up and complete the movie, but I’ve never had the time necessary to properly get it done.  So, recently I took an honest look at the project, and I’ve realized that it’s just not the kind of movie I want to make anymore.  There’s a lot of good stuff in there, but about half of it makes me cringe.  It’s stuff I wrote before I had written almost anything, and it shows.

Instead of simply tossing the project away, I’ve decided to go ahead and release the good stuff.  I’ll occasionally be uploading scenes from the movie to YouTube / FilmCow (the ones that make sense as stand-alone pieces), and everything else will either be posted here on the blog or as extras on some future DVD.

My apologies to everyone who wanted to see this movie in full.  It’s painful for me knowing that something I put so much of my life and brain into is never going to be completed, but the time for this movie has passed.

Thanks for reading, and for being a buddy.  I hope you enjoy the various spatula things coming your way!


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  1. CommanderJim says:

    It’s sad to hear this has been abandoned, but it’s probably for the best. If you tried to go back and update everything to your current content quality, it would turn into Duke Nukem Forever. (By which I mean you’d never finish it and then Gearbox would release a version that no one likes.)

  2. Supertom says:

    Neva forget

  3. Reizza says:

    It’s great that’s you’re being honest with yourself and with your fans! Sometimes you gotta let things go.

    If i wore hats, i would tip my hat off to you. But i don’t wear hats. So this is kind of awkward.

    • Wendalostrogoth says:

      I, however, do wear hats and I shall tip my hat (it’s made of felt and beeswax) to you twice; Once for me and once for my compadre Reizza.

  4. Hellion says:

    Though it wasn’t specifically something I was looking forward to I did find the first part to be interesting. Though I would agree that most of your most recent stuff has been a lot better animation wise I think most of what you all had a certain appeal to it and only a couple I wasn’t a big fan of while most were great.

    Either way you look at it though I am sure most of your fans are happy enough just from the fact you started putting out more videos recently. Some of them were great while not having to stick with Charlie only but rather we were able to see you play around with other series that I feel turned out pretty good (like marshmellow people).

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into the videos for everyone here :).

  5. This is a name says:

    Man, I know how it feels to give up on something that you’ve put a lot of time and effort into making. It’s one of those situations where you don’t want to admit to yourself that things really just aren’t going to turn out, especially when you know that there are a lot of people looking forward to it.

    However, I’m glad that you’ve decided to put out what you have. That shows that it wasn’t all for nothing. And thanks for the honest explanation.

    FilmCow’s work has improved greatly since it started. It’ll be nice to compare Spatula Madness with your recent works. Lately, I’ve felt that this website has entered its Golden Age of videos. It just sits right with me.

    I still remember the day I found Mr. Happyface on Newgrounds, and the day I was shown Charlie the Unicorn. It took me a couple years to learn that they were both made by you, and that put me in a state of shock. It’s REALLY shocking when you compare Mr. Happyface with any of your recent works. It’s a massive leap in quality, humor, and animation. You should be proud.

  6. Kevolution says:

    Jason, you are an amazing guy. After such a disaster, you came back swingin’ with a great talent for animating, art, and voice acting. I really appreciate the laughter that you have brought to this world, and am glad that these videos will continue as your talent still grows. We don’t need Spatula Madness, man- If you don’t think we should see it, I respect that.


  7. Clyphe says:

    Its sad to hear that the first Filmcow video I was will never be completely finished. But anything by you and your team will give me the same amount of joy I had when I first laid eyes an that precious video.

  8. patrick says:

    That’s great….. now maybe if you could get off your ass and do chaos pony….

  9. patrick says:








  10. Akiraphoria says:

    I can’t wait to see what new disturbing/amazing/fascinating things are coming our way. You really are an inspiration. TO THE FUTURE.

    P.S. The Walrus Song is a FABULOUS ringtone.

  11. ThatOneChick says:

    It’s so strange and wonderful to hear something from you that sounds like your real voice. It reminds us that you’re a real person behind the enormous hilarity. I look forward to anything and everything you release, because you’re seventeen times more entertaining than acid. <3

  12. Hidan03 says:

    Don’t worry about it Jason! We’re your fans and we’d prefer to see you move along with your big ideas, instead of getting caught up on past failures.

    P.S. Can I expect another episode of Bino The Elephant in the future, hmmmmm!?

    • steve the beaver says:

      Im alittle confused, didn’t you already release spatula madness?

      • Nacho says:

        There’s some part in the spatula madness that you’re talking about (15 minute or so animation) that says “soon to be a feature length film” and that film is what this blog post is about.

  13. Samuel says:

    Thank you for being so frank with us. I know how hard it is to admit to everybody that a project they were hoping for will never come out. But think of it this way, now you don’t have to deal with the years long email, “When are you gonna do Spatula Madness?!?!?!!?!?!”
    I am looking forward to seeing the zany adventures of Edward. To the future indeed.

  14. Lee says:

    A shame, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to work on exciting and new projects. To the future! I sounded a bit like Hitler there. Apologies.

  15. wtsane says:

    The stuff you do is funny as blazes. The minor fact that one cake doesn’t turn out does not merit concern. Drive on brother, keep turning out the funny.

  16. BenJ says:

    While I was looking forward to a full Spatula Madness movie since you announced it years ago, it’s nice to know where it stands. I’m looking forward to those clips!

  17. Foist says:

    Sad to hear, but some times as an artist you have to move on. I loved the intro part that you uploaded (I’m painting your face I’m painting your face I’m painting, your face I’m-) and look forward to seeing more of it and the new creations you cook up. Cheers!

  18. Katiewompus says:

    What you’ve posted so far is impressively well done! I can quite understand the tragedy of putting away years of work because it just wouldn’t work out though. It’s all contributed to the mad genius you’ve become. Your story is fascinating, and I look forward to witnessing the forever increasing glory of Filmcow creations!!!

  19. JoeriBadger says:

    I would’ve liked to see the full movie, but you shouldn’t look at it as “wasted time” but as the thing that brought you succes in animating. If I understand correctly this is what made you start properly on animating and it is definitely not wasted time, it’s more like useful education.

  20. Luigicheater says:

    Sigh… I remember back when your Spatula Madness “short” (I use this term loosely, since it was twenty minutes long) first came out. I really enjoyed it… Must’ve seen it at least 15 times… When I heard about a full-length movie in the future, I just about flipped my shit and couldn’t wait to see it.

    I figured you had your reasons for never finishing the project, but I always wondered how the plot would work if it had an extra 40 minutes of content. Thank you for choosing to share your favorite parts. That nagging curiosity can finally be quenched.

  21. AEA says:

    I’ll never forget.

  22. Dr. It's N. WhoIAmUnderneath,ButWhatIDoThatDefinesMe, Esq. says:

    I’m vaguely disappointed. However, I will be absolutely fine with it if you include more rock/metal songs in your videos. Those bits from the accountants’ song pretty much were worth being born.
    P.S.- I’m amptrigidating.
    Best wishes,
    Dr. I. N. WhoIAmUnderneath,ButWhatIDoThatDefinesMe, Esq.

  23. Hugh says:

    Firstly, I love your work.
    Secondly, while I’m sad to hear that the film shan’t be release as a whole, I look forward to your other projects and hope that you’ll put out something even filmier and better in future!
    Thirdly, you’re awesome.

  24. Katie says:

    I remember when you started making the movie and how excited I was, but guess what? Six years later, even without the film, my fangirling over Filmcow hasn’t waned. 🙂 You shouldn’t look back on it with any regret! You can chalk it up as an educational experience, but by no means as a waste of time.

  25. Edward says:

    I loved the accounting song, do you have it for download? I’d gladly buy the movie’s soundtrack for it.

  26. c says:

    Keep up the fantastic work :-).

  27. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    Although I’m a little disheartened to hear that the movie won’t be completed, I’m a little relieved to have some closure on the issue. I’ve enjoyed every work of yours, Jason, and if you not fretting over Spatula Madness will allow you to continue producing, then by all means let the project go! Thank you for all the work you’ve put into entertaining us (the fans of Filmcow). I can’t wait to see what other great things you have in store!

  28. Levi says:

    Perhaps a different feature film, one day?

  29. clurbur says:

    Aw Jason, you’re so adorable.

  30. Mark says:

    Nothing wrong with ditching projects. All that matters is that you keep creating. Thank you for sharing the best of Spatula Madness.

  31. Troy says:

    But a Cloak movie should totally be made.

  32. Bone Archer says:

    clackity clack clack click clack. 🙁

    click clack clackack clackickack, clack clack clack. clickity click clack click clack clackity clack.


    click click,

  33. Lukas Heinzel says:

    The music is awesome, almost musical. Ever thought about doing a lengthy musical?

  34. Pete says:

    Well, after 6 years of waiting on Spatula Madness, it’s good to find some closure. It’s a shame though, you really had something there.

    Looking forward to seeing the best parts.

  35. Arthur Dent says:

    It’s a shame, but to be honest it’s hard not to say that I saw this coming. I mean you’ve been “working on it” forever, long before I started watching Film Cow.

    Don’t Panic,
    Arthur Dent, former victim of losing a loved one to an anomaly in the fabric of Space and Time.

  36. Ryukai says:

    Was actually listening to some old Knoxkast episodes the other day and wondered what ever became of this. Thanks for the clarification.

    And hey, we’ve already seen more of this now than we’ll ever see of Villain so you’re one up on Robert in that department.