Presidential Debate 2012

It’s the very first debate for the 2012 United States presidential election!  Obama vs Romney, WHO WILL WIN?!

Speaking of politics, I’m thinking about running for Secret President.  That race is where the true excitement happens.



20 Responses to “ “Presidential Debate 2012”

  1. Eric says:

    Yay. I loved this.

  2. fridelain says:

    You’d think it would be less funny when watched by non-Americans.
    You’d be WRONG.

  3. Hellion says:

    I half expect roughly what the debate may sound like 😛

  4. Boo Boo says:

    I think that was the oddest video yet. I like the part when they said “Obama”

  5. Funny says:

    This is funny and true, that is what they do, in these debates.

  6. ThatOneChick says:

    I don’t get it. It was just a video of a normal presidential debate.

  7. Screen Name says:

    This was brilliant, that you managed to stay pretty much neutral in the video. (Although everyone admits Biden is a pinhead.) ‘Twas hilarious.

    • Supertom says:

      I didn’t see or hear Biden anywhere in this video.

      • Screen Name says:

        I’m assuming that the white-haired man toward the end of the video who looked like Joe Biden and was “debating” his opponent Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan was Biden.
        But you know.

        Who doesn’t love a nice political giggle?

  8. Fluorine Silver says:

    And would I be correct to assume that this is real audio of their upcoming debate?

  9. Duke Icoris says:

    I found my new ringtone!

  10. Holden Shortforsomething says:

    This was a lecture Obama attended more than a debate. I see where Obama is coming from, but Romney clearly has his facts straight. Playing devil’s advocate only weakens the left. How can any sane person listen to this and not see what’s right in front of them??? Come on people, put two and two together! So transparent…

    I also like how they totally avoid China, like the second largest economy on the planet is “below the radar”. :/

    Fuck it, I’m moving to canada.

    • JGBM says:

      I know right? The amount of hypocrisy behind both of their arguments is damn laughable! And I did not care for their slightly racist tone towards the war in the middle east… Way to dodge the topic on military spending!

      • Penguin says:

        But as Mitt adressed cutting any spending to our armed forces would total our final Industry! Obama made an excellent point when he adressed the issue of the top 1% of America, I believe that little speech will go down in the books.

  11. Mingo says:

    I’m so happy that you’re coming out with new vids ALL the time! I’m sio extatic, nothing to complain about here!

  12. Errant Postulate says:

    I like how at the end Romney’s head simply gets stuck and stops moving.