wondering about identity

one of my friends has a cat, and when I go over there he calls her “my pretty girl” and tells her that she’s “such a good cat.” it got me wondering if other animals have identity troubles too, like species and gender. I want to tell him that he doesn’t know how his cat identifies because he can’t ask her. but how can you be sensitive to things like that? does she even know he might be disrespecting her?
and why are some kids able to tell right away that they were born into the wrong bodies, like they know from the time they’re aware of their genitals that they have the wrong ones, but others end up waiting until they’re adults before they can say anything about it?
why did I realize I was a cat when I was 15 but it took my mom until she was like 40 before she knew? it’s something I’ve always known, but it’s one of those things that you don’t know is wrong to feel until someone tells you. like when people started questioning the way I move, or how I touched things. if I was a guy, I would have been called a fag. guess I’m lucky that girls and cats are already a lot alike.
I think that sometimes people don’t have the words for what they are.
I guess I’ve decided to focus this blog on identity. I get kind of tired of reading blogs from people my age where it’s all about boyfriends and girlfriends and prom. I know it sounds weird, since I share all this secret stuff, but I don’t feel like being judged for the music I listen to. you know, the superficial stuff. it just feels unimportant.
I see my mom in 2 weeks. my dad and I met with some people from the forum. one of them is going with me to see my mom, and my step-dad will meet us there to explain the rules. my dad doesn’t want me going alone, but he isn’t allowed to go there. only people that identify as animal-spirited (or along those lines) and their partners can go to the commune. originally my step-dad was going to drive me, but I guess he changed his mind? I have no idea. I don’t really care.
I’m nervous. but I have to go to sleep now, so i can’t really write much more. maybe I’ll add onto this later.

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  1. Can't think of a name says:

    Man, I’m actually sort of interested in seeing this plot progress. The more I read, the more excited I am for the climax. Something is going to happen in two weeks (July 15th), so I’m waiting for then. Unless, of course, KittyAmy96 goes through some shock at seeing her mother, waits several weeks before being ready to post about it, and we’re all left hanging in the wind.

    But that wouldn’t happen… would it?

  2. Antonio says:

    Who is KittyAmy96?

  3. Supertom says:

    Maybe experimental video in 2 weeks with Kittyamy in it?

  4. i truly despize these idiotic and annoying posts.

  5. indianasmith says:

    KittyAmy needs to go away. Far, far away!

  6. Alexander says:

    KittyAmy’s entries are the 9/11 of FilmCow updates.

  7. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    It appears that our hero, KittyAmy, has advanced beyond the restrictions of her father’s concern to gain a chance at seeing her mother! How will their first meeting play out? Where will they go after? What if there is no after?! Stay tuned for the exciting next episode of KittyAmy96: The Girl Behind the Man Behind the Movies!

  8. Duke_Icoris says:

    I saw the heading without any capital letters and shuddered inside.

    Then I thought: “So, what does she think about cat abortions?”

  9. Kevolution says:

    You guys in the comments are being so rude. Don’t you know that Kittamy only speakes catenese? Heres a message for her: Meow, meow meoow, meeeeeow, mew, mow-mow, hssss.

  10. Fluorine Silver says:

    soooo about today’s movie…?

  11. Penguin Lord says:

    Kitty! Meow! Yeah let us not offend other animals! In fact, Let us all treat our animals like a different species! Fishy, you want to be a lion? OKAY! *Throws fish on the Savannah* Dog you want to be a shark? OKAY! *Drowns dog*

  12. megawillowtree says:

    I can’t believe that this is still continuing. I have known girls like kitty, but she doesn’t seem real… more like a fictional character that someone made up. For one… her name has always been kittyamy…. yet she discovers that supposedly she’s a feline midway through her blog. That’s a clear set up 2 me. For 2, allot of the dialog seems deliberately juvanile, and someone whose creative enough to talk about transpecies crap would have a better sense of synax then she does…as well as an overall better vocab. Plus I find it hard 2 believe that sense these comments need to be approved by a moderator b4 we can post them… that someone hasn’t seen this crap yet. That even jason hasn’t seen this crap yet is hard 2 believe….. so hi jason. I don’t get ur point in all this my friend.

    • Supertom says:

      You’re saying that kittyamy’s vocabulary isn’t good enough but you’re typing stuff like allot and b4. That doesn’t really make sense to me…

      And also it’s obviously Jason who’s doing this, or else Jason would have stopped whoever was doing it, or he would have explained it.

      • Megawillowtree says:

        Things like small qwerty keyboards must not be heard of in your ultra complicated dimension of Poindexter clones. Either that or you were born with ultra small hands with ultra small fingers that are just the right size of a single key on the qwerty keyboard. Don’t be jelly that I have pointed out the inconsistencies of this blog. It’s the worst of all horrors and we’re being subjected to it… the horror of the weird teenage ranting. Jason is mwahahaing his ass off on the days that we expect a cartoon, but instead get this kind of 9/11 of blogs.

    • ThatOneChick says:

      Gonna play Devil’s Advocate, because I enjoy arguing.
      1. She has always felt an affinity with cats, she states as much early on in the blog- hence the kittyamy name.
      2. Her dialogue seems juvenile because she’s a frigging fifteen year old. Just because she understands the transpecies issue as it pertains to her and is just intelligent enough to acknowledge the psychological implications of it doesn’t mean she’s good at English.
      3. Obviously, he’s seen it. No one is denying that he’s seen it- what do you think, that he’s stupid? The only debate has been whether this is a real person, and Jason is letting her post in a kind of retro-trolling, or if it’s just Jason making shit up. Other people have actually come forward claiming to know her.

      That being said, I don’t believe it’s a real person, I just wanted to point out the logical inconsistencies in your argument.

      And, by the way, having a small qwerty keyboard does not excuse your misspelling of ‘a lot.’ That is just… Unacceptable.

  13. DadCop2 says:

    Dad cop 2 is the best

  14. Alexandra says:

    I just wanted to say I love KittyAmy96. 🙂

  15. MrTinkle says:

    I like the fact that it is free to download. And oh my got who the hell is KittyAmy96?

  16. YouDoNotExist says:

    All of you aren’t real. You are aspects of my imagination. None of you truly existed and never will.

  17. YouDoNotExist says:

    That means this girl also doesn’t exist. Every one of her posts are complaining about her world and some type of psychological problem she has. It’s all a plot by some mysterious master pulling the strings to get people confused and dazed in the comments. This is Filmcow.com, and do you honestly believe that Jason who makes these strange demented comical videos wouldn’t do this kind of thing? Every post is meant to stir reactions from the viewers. It works. Rinse and repeat.