Professor Toothy

Hey everyone!  We’re starting off our “a new video every week” thing with an animation called “Professor Toothy.”  I hope you enjoy it, or don’t watch it and go to the zoo instead.



24 Responses to “ “Professor Toothy”

  1. Nick says:

    I’m so pumped to go to the zoo!

  2. Clyphe says:

    Im already at the zoo, biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch.

  3. warz says:

    “Woah, fuck.”
    This is amazing.

  4. QRdestroyer says:

    Thank something that you are finally posting content.

  5. Kevolution says:


  6. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    This video is beautiful. Was the lambchop giving symbolic of Professor Toothy’s wartime studies as an atomic engineer?

  7. Alicia Stella says:

    This is an instant classic. Thanks so much for your hard work. The care and attention that goes into your backgrounds, effects, sound editing, and music really set you apart from other “content providers” that pump stuff out willy nilly.

    I don’t mind waiting for quality cartoons that actually make me laugh, and have rewatchability.

    The big eyes… and the second lambchop in his mouth. Gold.

    • Kevolution says:

      Also the part when he is mumbling at the end as his toothy flesh hangs from his face

      Really bravo

      I know I don’t say this enough to Jason but I really appreciate the work that he does it brightens up everyone’s day

      I apologize for the fact that my sentences lack periods and commas my keyboard is all screwy

      And just a quick question Alicia

      Who are you in relation to Jason?

    • Jason Steele says:

      Thanks Alicia! I think I’ve worked out a schedule that allows me to create regular content without rushing things. At least that’s the plan, hah.

      One of the main motivators for me attempting weekly content is the way YouTube has been operating since back in December. There is no longer a “front page,” only feeds – subscriber feeds, recommended video feeds, etc. The main effect of this is that the site no longer rewards high quality content, it only rewards regular content. My videos always get a really good like/dislike ratio and an extremely large number of people favoriting them, which under the old system would earn them a spot on the front page and the million or so views that would come along with that. Unfortunately, that sort of huge influx of new viewers doesn’t happen anymore, and so producing regular content is the only way to get enough views to generate a sustainable income.

      I think ultimately it’ll be good for me to have a tight schedule to stick to. I have been side-tracked so many times by television pitches and other projects that never got off the ground over the last few years, and I feel as though that time and effort would have been much better spent producing more internet content.

  8. Carbonated Chocolate Cake says:

    So…Who wants a nice healthy lambchop?

  9. curser says:

    Well… that was fun.

  10. indianasmith says:

    I keep expecting Professor Toothy to say:
    “Quick! To the otter!!”

  11. personman says:

    “Toothy, you’re the worst character ever.”
    “I know…”

  12. Nara says:

    Hmm…I’m pretty sure to make this weekly thing work, you’ll have to not only do more work, but also make the drawings less…perfect.
    Your animations always have tremendous quality, almost too much, especially when you are trying to make it happen in a week.
    And I definitly wouldn’t mind a bit less perfection in the drawings, the main reason I watch them is you unique humour.

  13. ThatOneChick says:

    This disturbed me in ways I will never truly be able to describe.

  14. Megawillowtree says:

    So… I’m waiting for toothy to exact his revenge… if there ever is a sequel, I can think of so many ways that toothy can shove spicy, juicy, lambchops down Mr. Distasteful’s throat.