Dark Midnight: The Device

I present for your consideration the first episode of our new sci-fi / horror anthology series “Dark Midnight.”  Bewaaaareee, bewaaaaaaaaaarrrreeeeee…



The Magical Realm of Horse Man

Hello FilmCowlonians, how are you this fine daylonian?  I have a new cartoon for you, “The Magical Realm of Horse Man.”  It is about a horse.



Historians will speak of this day with great interest and reverence.

Hit It With a Car: Tea Party

Here it is, the first episode of our new series where we run a bright yellow Cadillac Eldorado into various things.  Pretty sure this is “Internet Series of the Year” material right here.



FilmCow is on a new server!

Our old server was crashing a lot.  The new server will hopefully not crash nearly as much.

Here is an example of a crash:

Here are more detailed examples of crashes.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Professor Toothy

Hey everyone!  We’re starting off our “a new video every week” thing with an animation called “Professor Toothy.”  I hope you enjoy it, or don’t watch it and go to the zoo instead.



Our new schedule…

Hello, people of Earth!

You may have noticed that we haven’t released anything in nearly 3 months. I apologize for that. Hopefully I can make it up to you in the form of regular weekly content from this point forward.

I have had a difficult time keeping a normal release schedule, either because of non-internet projects, travel, or simple lack of focus. Over the last few months I’ve been working to fix that – to create a schedule that is both consistent and realistic. This has involved pre-filming and developing months worth of content to ensure that, at least for the near future, we can deliver what we promise. I have not been particularly good with consistency when it comes to FilmCow and I really don’t want to disappoint you all any further.

I should stress that this is an experiment – one I hope to learn from and tweak as time goes on. Weekly content has become the norm for internet video producers, but regularity is something I have not been able to make a reality in the past. Hopefully the work I have put into this plan, and the work I’ll be putting into it moving forward, will help this become a permanent thing.

The OFFICIAL NEW FILMCOW SCHEDULE involves the release of four videos every month. We’re going to experiment with release days, but at the moment you can expect each video to show up about a week after the previous, give or take a day or two. We are viewing each of the four release weeks every month as “time slots,” each to be filled with either a specific type of video or a specific series.

First Week
During the first week of every month, we will be releasing a new animated short. These will vary from new, one-off cartoons, to episodes of an ongoing series (such as Marshmallow People or Llamas with Hats.)

Second Week
For the second week of each month, we will be releasing an episode from a new series called “Hit It With a Car”, in which Chris (FilmCow regular, voice of Carl the llama) takes a bright yellow Cadillac Eldorado and runs it into things. This is the most expensive, and stupidest, thing we’ve ever shot. And I’m super excited to share it with you all.

Third Week
The third week of each month is an experimental week, where we try out new stuff (either animated, puppeted, whatever.) Or perhaps we’ll just release constant sequels to “The Animal.”

Fourth Week
At the end of every month we’re going to release a live-action comedy short of some sort.  To start out we’re running a series called “Dark Midnight”, which is our take on early 60s science fiction / psychological horror shows such as The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits.  I really enjoy the first episode we’ve put together, and as long as the reception is positive it will remain an ongoing series.

So, when does this all begin?  This week.  Our first cartoon is ready to go, and will be put online at some point between now and the 7th (we’re still trying to determine the optimal days to release stuff.)  For those of you waiting for specific videos, such as Charlie the Unicorn 4 or Llamas with Hats 5 – those are coming.  I don’t want to give dates yet because I simply don’t know, but they are still in the works.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck around during this lull, and I really hope you enjoy what we’ve been working on!