Chris Brown: American Superhero

Hello everyone!  I have a new cartoon for you to enjoy, it’s called “Chris Brown: American Superhero.”



Also, I’ll be at Playlist LIVE on March 24-25, and ROFLCon III May 4-5, hope to see some of you there!  In person.  Where we can gaze into each other’s eyes and fall into a dream-like trance from which we shall never awake.

38 Responses to “ “Chris Brown: American Superhero”

  1. ThatOneChick says:

    I would be in a trance with you, Jason. A horrible, horrible trance filled with unicorns and marshmallows on fire. <3

  2. RyanM says:


  3. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    This man should be inducted amongst the ranks of G. I. Joes and firemen. His heroicism is like none I have witnessed before.

  4. Hellion says:

    Lol it was great 😛

  5. indianasmith says:

    I want the action figure! I can put him on a shelf with Charlie the Unicorn and Karl the Llama!

  6. THE CLOAK 2 says:

    Jason. I don’t know who the moderator of these comments are, but if it is you, Jason, I have a special message. There is one of your movies that was amazing – so, so, amazing – and if you weren’t to make a sequel to it within your short Homo Sapien life, there would surely be the collapse of civilization, and the world would explode, leaving the galaxy shattered for all eternity. What is this video you may ask? this life changing movie that you have created for all to see in vast amazement? The Cloak. The Cloak 2, is what we need Jason, it’s what, the entire planet ever so desires. Thank you for your time and consideration

    Barrack H. Obama
    The White House

    • Yuki says:

      “the world would explode, leaving the galaxy shattered for all eternity”

      To be honest, I think that if our planet exploded, none of the aliens out there would care. They probably only have us as a testing ground for new alien vacinations and such.

      • THE CLOAK 2 says:

        I meant, “The galaxy would explode, leaving it shattered for all eternity.”

    • The other one says:

      I concur! “The Cloak” is the greatest. Chockful of endless insane surprises!

    • Linesman says:

      The dude’s already committed to and is trying to deliver, like, three sequels to his popular series. Charlie 4, Llamas 5, and… was there going to be a Marshmallows 3? Personally, I’m tired enough of waiting for the stuff he’s already going to do.

      but omigaw that WOULD be the most ultra rad thing to make a cartoon about, hnnnng

    • ThatOneChick says:

      I… I didn’t like the Cloak. o.o I thought it was dumb. I like the newer stuff better.

      • coolman1081 says:

        I have some instructions for you.

        Get into your bath tub.
        FIll it with water.
        Drop your hair dryer in there.

        Your Welcome.

        Jk, your in titled to have your own opinion(sadly).

        • ThatOneChick says:

          HA. Sucks to be YOU. I don’t even OWN a hairdryer.
          No, seriously, I’m pretty sure that will be the general consensus of the fans here. X3

          • Coolman1081 says:

            I’m actually fairly certain that there are currently no Hairdryers inside of my home. Although, you never really know. Maybe one traveled through a wormhole, and ended up in my house. But, yeah I used that as an example as typically, that is the highest Watt thing near a bath tub. Unless your like me, and have a nuclear reactor next to your sink.

      • THE CLOAK 2 says:

        Well you, mam – are a rather large piece of Elephant seal feces.

    • indianasmith says:

      For the first time since he took office, President Obama and I are in full agreement. We NEED “The Cloak II”!!!

      • coolman1081 says:

        I agree, Obama hasn’t done much to justify my previous vote towards him. However, his recognition of this serious issue has my ballot locked in for 2012. Obama & The Cloak 2012!

    • Supertom says:

      Will you be campaigning on this?

    • Stig says:

      I agree. The cloak is his best work IMO, I would love nothing more than the continued adventures of the Cloak and Mr. Mitchum.

      • Jimmy says:

        But they got shot. To death. How can they have further adventures when they’re dead?
        Well, I suppose it could be a prequel. Where they have 80s hair and are totally radical.

        Yes, I think the Cloak 2: Cloak Harder would be pretty awesome.

  7. Scott says:

    We will be writing about this video.

    Damn funny man.. We’ll give you a link back.

    “We Need Your Help Right Now Chris Brooooowwwwnnnn.”

  8. Carbonated Chocolate Cake says:



    Love this. Chris Brown would be proud.

  10. Will says:

    J * * * *
    * A * * *
    * * S * *
    * * * O *
    * * * * N

    A man.
    A barista.
    A child of Cthulhu.

  11. Carbonated Chocolate Cake says:

    where is roflcon at

  12. THE Keebler Elf says:

    I like how if you close your eyes during the second heroic assault, it makes Chris Brown sound even more badash.

  13. DadCop2 says:

    Youve forgotten about the best of the best ……… DAD COP 2

  14. Stig says:

    Chris Brooooooooooooooooooooooooooown…

  15. Duke_Icoris says:

    Since for some reason we seem to be nostalgic, I’m just really curious:

    Are you still working on making “Spatula Madness” a full length feature? I loved the short, and am sure most of the good people of this website did too.