Marshmallow People 2

These are marshmallows:

I cannot eat most marshmallows because I am a vegetarian and they are most often made with gelatin.  Luckily, some people make marshmallows with agar instead, and I can eat those.  And they are delicious.  It has recently been brought to my attention that marshmallows were originally made from marshmallow plants.  It is now a quest of mine to find and eat some marshmallow plant marshmallows.  I like quests.

Anyway, here is Marshmallow People 2:




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  1. Vaderhoff says:


  2. Nacho says:

    Thank you Jason!

  3. the 1500 meggawat aperture science super colliding supper button says:

    noooooooo it’s so lovely

  4. LOLephant In The Room says:

    Not knowing how you got there? Not remembering you baking a cake? Now you know how I feel on my Friday nights.

  5. indianasmith says:

    A brilliant work of post-modern existentialism. A serious look at mankind’s place in the universe, with deep theological overtones!

    Or is it just talking marshmallows?

  6. Tucker says:

    Achievement Unlocked: Marshmallows.

  7. BlueJacketGuy says:

    To Jason:

    Great video, but I have some questions. What is gelatin made of? How vegan are you about eggs and milk (if your girlfriend is a vegan)? Lastly, Knox made the claim of “Chapachado”, why hasn’t he fulfilled it yet?

    Awaiting your next masterpiece,

  8. Fwibo says:

    This video is great, don’t get me wrong but when are you going to do something fresh? That is what got me into you, all of your original videos and creativity. However, all the videos you said you were working on were sequels on the promotion video for Nick: The Feature Film.

  9. Will says:

    I was in my public international law class when I watched the vid for the first time. I laughed so hard my teacher actually interrupted the class and asked me to leave. It was totally worth it though. Thanks Jason. You’re a magical being.

  10. Carbonated Chocolate Cake says:

    yay! that was epic! Jason, I was wondering how you get your protein if you’re a vegan. Do you eat a lot of beans?

  11. Steven says:

    I once knew someone who was deadly allergic to peanuts. Poor guy, one time someone fed him something with nuts in it and he blew up like a whale. It was a frightening thing to watch!

  12. Steven says:

    I forget to mention too, the Marshmallows 2 kinda sucked. It was missing something. I don’t know. Maybe others will enjoy it though hopefully. Cheers.

    • Jason Steele says:

      Sorry you didn’t like it! It’s one of my favorite things I’ve made. The response has been good (the like / dislike ratio on YouTube is among the highest of anything I’ve released) although the stuff I make varies enough in style that there’s always going to be a percentage of people who simply aren’t into any given movie. I hope you like the next video more!

      • Steven says:

        The Unicorns need to make a comeback. We just can’t live without them much longer. They have been gone for so long now. I don’t know. Maybe that is the reason?

        • coolman1081 says:

          Personally I loved this video. However, The Unicorns aren’t my favorite. I like them, but really. You can do much more intelligent comedy.

  13. That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

    How much of this is for humor and how much of this is a social commentary on the ethics of marshmallow production and consumption? I would have thought nothing of it, but the blog aroused suspicion. Is the emptiness the marshmallows feel due to their disconnect from nature, further emphasized by the surrealistic quality of being able to talk. What if animals could talk? Would they feel like triangle man? Abused because of man’s inability to create without harming “soulless” creatures? And then at the end, when triangle man turns into a tree, does that embellish the fact he is the pastoral hero of this work? His ultimate beauty becomes the destruction of the marshmallow abominations, clearly a symbol of nature’s superiority over man.
    “It’s too late to give back now, marshmallows. You have beaten and broken the way things should be and now must return to nature.” Or at least that’s the vibe I’m getting. Sounds like an accurate description of the human life cycle.
    Then there’s triangle girl. A witty job by you, Jason, having her embody Gaia—mother nature who man sees as a nuisance during his conquests. How much of this is accurate, may I ask?

  14. bill says:

    wow. you take 5 months off, make a live action movie, and 2000000 viewers turns into just a couple thousand. Jason, i’m disappointed that you attracted millions of whiny little kids that “need” charlie the unicorn 4 and “need” it “now”, to an organization purely focuses on hydrodynamics. how unprofessional. jk.

  15. indianasmith says:

    Just a thought, Jason – how about having the two most bizarre and amoral characters you’ve ever created unite to wreak havoc on the universe? Carl the Llama Meets The Return of THE CLOAK!!!!!

    Wow. I got goose bumps just typing that!

    • qwerty says:

      that would be so great just imagine how many people would be viciously murdered in that cartoon… thats gold

  16. Carbonated Chocolate Cake says:

    Hey Jason, what is your favorite youtube channel?

  17. Linesman says:

    Oh dang, cartoons are happening again. I, uh… what. What is…? Did they… but? But the triangles, and… sinking emptiness? What just?

    that was uh
    kind of a shift in tone yeah

    jeez Jason how do you why is do

  18. Johanna says:

    This video was awesome.

  19. Stig says:

    A fantastic and thought provoking film. The marshmallows, who are able to do anything they wish, are left empty and bored due to their constant lack of meaning. In desperation, they turn to violence, hoping that their lives may gains some meaning. When this fails, they overeat, trying to find some joy in gluttony. This also fails, and they realize that although they have everything, they truly have nothing. They hasten to correct themselves, but nature reveals them to be too late, reducing them down to their basest form. Meanwhile, the triangle lady finds joy in the simplicities of life, and in the end, “wins.” One cannot help but contrast the plight of the marshmallows with the loneliness of fame and wealth, remembering the phrase “It’s lonely at the top.”

    All in all, a magnificent piece of entertainment, made even better with the cloaking of the sophisticated elements under nonsensical and psychedelic visuals. I also want some marshmallows.

    • qwerty says:

      i like how people like you try to take jasons work and make yourself seem funny

      • That Guy That Said That One Thing, Remember? says:

        I like how people like you try to be assholes and make yourself seem funny. I dislike how people blatantly rip off other people’s jokes, too, as a side note.

  20. Hellion says:

    Marshmellow People I feel is one of the better series you have. Always fun to watch :). I think Llamas rate towards the top also.

  21. Manpig11 says:

    When will Chaz the Unicorn 4 come out?

  22. TypeQueen says:


  23. qwerty says:

    i suck. everyone please hate on me